Weight Loss

If You Want To Loose Weight

If you want to loose weight, you should exactly know about distribution of food on time of days. Till 12 a.m. you should basically eat carbohydrate products, after 12 o’clock is protein food and fresh vegetables.
Groats concern carbohydrates and porridges from them, macaroni and bakery products, a potato, thermally processed vegetables, fruit, and berries.
Protein food – the egg white, fat-free cottage cheese, low-fat fish, any not fish seafood, chicken, a turkey, fast beef.
Fresh vegetables are a source of necessary vitamins, minerals, and cellulose. The role of cellulose in a food is rather many-sided – it makes active peristalsis intestines, solving a problem of constipation, absorbs toxins in a gastro enteric path, and is food for bifidus bacterias in thick intestines.
This bacterial microflora provides an organism with group B vitamins, allocate to 70 % of serotonin – antidepressant hormone, have the major value in maintenance of good immunity.
The absolutely same properties, as vegetables, possess also fruit, but they raise caloric content of a food.
Morning diet are any porridges, groats on water (2-4 table spoons) or macaroni from firm grades of wheat (without sweet, oil, grated cheeses) for refueling use soy sauce, greens, tomatoes or grated apples, carrots, no more than one table spoon of nuts. You could drink tea, coffee without sugar and honey or unsweetened yogurts, kefir. The cheese slice is supposed.
Till a dinner at 10-12 o’clock it is possible to eat one unsweetened apple.
Carbohydrate products with low glycemic index, used in the forenoon, will provide uniform receipt of glucose in blood during the day. It will allow feeling vigorous enough, easy, long without feeling hunger, and also will facilitate refusal of a habit to have a bite with sweet things.
The dinner should include fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, a garden radish, a celery, carrots, greens etc.) and low-fat fiber (low-fat fish, chicken, a turkey, fat-free cottage cheese, an omelette from egg whites, seafood). If possible you can eat only vegetables.
Vegetables in the form of salad do not fill with mayonnaise, oils. Quantity of vegetables is not restricted.
Do not fry protein products – prepare them in an oven, on a grill, on pair, boil. Fast beef also approaches for growing thin. But if you wish to be insured from many age illnesses and considerably to improve the state of health try to refuse it.
At first course you could eat vegetable soup (without a potato and the fried onions, carrots are possible; do not use meat broth).
When the weight is normalized, it is possible to eat vegetables boiled, steams, stewed (without oil) as a garnish.
Between a dinner and a supper necessarily to have a snack, and even two.
For a supper –it is possible to take fresh vegetables and low-fat protein food. Or only protein, fat-free cottage cheese with the chopped greens, a piece of fish on pair or a grill strewed by parsley and in addition of a lemon juice etc.

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