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I Want To Lose Weight Without Diets! Part 3

1. Lunch fitness

Train during a lunch break. If you work in the company where there is a gym equippedfor employees so use it. If it isn’t present, for certain near to office there will be a sport club where it is possible to pick up half-hour employment just during a dinner. Or put in a box of desktop pair of trainers and during a dinner, having thrown off shoes on hairpins, go to the next shop to buy a lunch.

2. Non stop

Exercises are first of all movement. But also sitting at a desktop, it is possible to strengthen stomach and back muscles. The main thing – to sit correctly: draw near a table, an armchair backrest put upright and lean against it, sit down directly, be tightened, and don’t cross the legs. Such position will help you to avoid dorsodynias and it won’t tire your muscles much.

14. For young mums

Walk with a baby carriage in fast rate as it is an excellent training for active young mummies. Begin slowly to be warmed up, then quicken the pace and walk quickly for 15-29 minutes and in the end of sprint reduce rate and walk slowly within 5-10 minutes.

You will notice at once that you became more vigorous and more cheerful, and superfluous kgs have started to evaporate.

15. Fitness always with you

Gather in business trip or in travel? Take with yourself expander or, so-called, damper. It is the most compact of existing sports training apparatus.

With it you can easily do the most different exercises in a hotel room after difficult day and in any other place, too.

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16. The bicycle and trainers

Don’t regret money – buy running trainers or a bicycle. It is the good investment: going behind the newspaper to the nearest booth, it is better to run or twist pedals, than to get into the car.

Trips on short distances on the car don’t be good neither to you, nor environment. Having refused from them you will support movement for “green” and will be in a tonus.

17. The tough nut

Exercise for breeches perfectly tightens a silhouette, and to do it is possible anywhere, standing or sitting – in the car, in the bus, in turn. Only one condition: the look at you thus should be the most serene or even absent that associates at all haven’t suspected, than you there are engaged.

Going out with the friends choose such place where it is possible to move, be kneaded. For example, it is better not to sit at a bar or cafe, and it is better to go on walk or to play in bowling. In the conditions of friendly dialogue the exercise stress isn’t perceived as training. And who thinks of exercises when having such a great time?

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