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I Want To Lose Weight Without Diets! Part 2

1. Cleaning a house

As I often notice that I am cleaning house really slowly. Arrange a super marathon cleaning with timer. Choose two-three affairs – for example, to vacuum a carpet, to iron clothes and wipe a dust in entire house.

The problem is to execute all from beginning to end in record term. Time has gone! Certainly, it is even better – cleaning competing in speed with the husband or children. Anyway the excellent and various fitness load to the seventh sweat to you is provided, and result in the form of house cleaning is a fine bonus!

2. The corporate campaign.

If among your colleagues a joint sit-round gathering in a bar or campaigns in cafe is going to be held, suggest them to go together on the pedestrian or bicycle walk, on jog or spend a day in the swing pool or.

At least, next time at dinner you begin to discuss not yesterday’s TV programs and who does what. But it is possible; to discuss the opinion of the colleagues who have joined sports and it will help you to avoid a having a snack chocolate bar and sweet aerated water.

3. Forget about elevator

Use a ladder, instead of the elevator. At lifting and descent on steps different groups of muscles work, pulse becomes frequent. Some scalene marches in day is an excellent training for feet, heart and vessels.

4. Fitness everywhere

Free minute on a workplace will stand out – make 20 knee-bends. For this purpose it is completely not obligatory to squat, frightening of the kind of associates.

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Simply sit down on a work chair edge also rise, without bending forward and without leaning against arms, having transferred all weight on heels. But only at first take off shoes on hairpins!

Rise and sit down slowly – it is not necessary to jump up and flop back on a seat. Knee-bends – one of the best exercises for feet.

5. The lunch break

You bring meal from the house? It is not necessary to chew it behind a desktop, without rising from a chair and without coming off the monitor.
It is better reach a bench in park or in parkway and eat sandwiches in open air. In the end of working week everyday 10 minutes of walking will turn to additional 50 minutes of an effective exercise stress.

6. Stretching

it is possible to be pulled all over not only on training. Use any right moment at office – at a coffee maker or at the copier and even on the way to a toilet; straighten shoulders, dissolve arms widely – present that you try to embrace someone very tie. Inhale deeply and keep a breath for 15 seconds, then relax and exhale.

And now take away arms as much as possible back and straighten a breast – evaginate it forward, and shoulders pull back to feel as the numb muscles revive. Stand like this even for 15 seconds also be again relaxed. These movements will help to keep flexibility, they will help to concentrate. And to be pulled is also very pleasantly!

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