I Have Less Fat And More Muscles

If you are happy with your weight but you wish to strengthen muscles and to clean fat a little you should try fitness trainings. Sometimes your weight may not vary. How to learn whether I have less fat and more muscles?
As it is known it is possible to measure beauty and body health. For this purpose doctors had been developed special norms and characteristics. One of such characteristics is a body composition or its structure. That is necessary to learn what parity of a muscular, fatty and bone fabric in an organism. Than you will find out how much fat you have in your body and it concerns muscles also, the smaller amount of fat the better composition of your body.

Accordingly there are two ways of improving structure of a body and making it more harmonous. It is possible to increase a share of a muscular fabric or to reduce quantity the fatty. And how much of fat is necessary for an organism to be both harmonous and healthy? As a normal indicator consider 8-12 % of a fatty fabric from a lump of a body for men and 17-24 % for women.

There are some ways to learn what percent of a fatty fabric is in your organism. And accessible two of them are considered as the most widespread: kaliporometry and the test with use of electronic analyzers of fat. In the first case by means of the special tool – kaliper – make gaugings of hypodermic fat in different parts of a body and bring results in the table. In the second quantity of fat in an organism defines by means of the electronic device which quickly and absolutely without serious consequences defines percent of a fatty fabric in your body. Both procedures is possible to pass in sports clubs.

However it is necessary to remember always that such measurements cannot be ideally exact, there is always a certain error. Therefore you should compare better results of the gaugings spent on the same equipment. Also it is not necessary to trust scales. After all the weight of a body depends on huge number of parametres including a phase of a cycle, food, liquid consumption. The best and most objective indicator of the changes occurring to your figure is your clothes. If the weight did not vary but the clothes became more free you are on the right track. It means that your body became more dense, that is the volume of a muscular fabric has increased and here fat became less. If favourite things became close the quantity of a fatty fabric grows and muscular becomes less. In this case I advise to pay attention to a diet and to correct the program of trainings.

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