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Hypnosis Resolves Emotional Hunger Weight Problems

Very often people eat to satisfy their emotional hunger and not because of physical hunger. Do you know that when you are frustrated, depressed or bored you try to eat something?

Emotional Hunger
If this is right the case, then you are also suffering from emotional hunger. That is why eating food will not satisfy this hunger. There if no doubt that when you are eating that bar of chocolate and for a couple of minutes afterwards, you feel some relief or feel that you are dealing with your need but it will not last for a long time. You will find yourself eating more chocolate or ice cream soon after a while.

Putting on Weight and Emotional Hunger
If you eat when you are not hungry, then your body will accumulate fat on stomach, legs, arms and thighs. You put on weight and want to know how you will be able to get back a better and shaped figure when you keep on snacking soon after your main meals.

If you want to end this cycle is to acknowledge that fact that food will not solve your emotional problems. People tend to overeat because food helps them to be distracted from those negative thoughts and feelings for some time, but they forget that they will come back again.

So, if you want to avoid this problem and get rid of overeating, you will need to remove the cause of the emotional hunger.

When you are depressed by the past events in your life and you have not resolved them, it triggers emotional hunger. This can be anything, abuse, redundancy, divorce or serious illness. These disappointing events can also be drawn from previous years of childhood.
When they have not been solved they will affect you today and change your mood, behaviour and way of life. You may mistakenly think that you have solved them. Nonetheless, it is your subconscious that still affects these events. Many people say that they have a feeling that something is wrong but they do not know what.

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Hypnosis Fix Healthy Eating Habits
Hypnosis is often applied to access past events and penetrate memories, it helps to solve those past unfinished conclusions to sad events. As the child you perceive the idea of what happened with a limited outlook. Your concept of the world would have been small. As an adult today, you have the power to cure the wounds and scars that you got as a child and finally be free of them.

As a normal result, the emotional hunger is no longer a problem and you eat only to nourish a physical hunger. The extra pounds gained through unhealthy eating fades away and it is easier for you to control your hunger pangs.

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