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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – What You Need To Know Before You Use It

Most people decide to apply hypnosis for weight loss because they consider that losing weight depends on will power. They tend to think that they are lacking enough determination and will program themselves by hypnosis to eat less and do more physical workouts. But is it enough to lose weight successfully?

Will Power vs Habit
People have habits, determined to something with good intensions and with great passion. There is one obstacle not many of us can keep for a long time. When we try to make healthy options and avoid fast and unhelathy foods, avoid sweets and cakes, we tend to give up.

The same relates to exercise. When we commit to ourselves to attend the gym regularly or run every day, this becomes annoying and we start thinking of giving up.

Is there an translator in the house?
We use self hypnosis to avoid this struggling and to not argue with ourselves anymore. Self hypnosis can magically make us want and feel that we need these things, because we adjust our minds on certain actions. It is not suitable for everybody and not always. Sometimes it is very effective for some people. Butactually it it is not effective all the time for all of us because your subconscious does not understand English. It does not understand any other language. It has its own language which it applies to talk to the body to control different bodily functions, giving warnings and providing cure.

Will subconscious understand the message for weight loss through hypnosis?
Since hypnosis involves words – human language, the subconscious will translate these words in accordance with the feelings and ideas associated with them. It will not interpret them the way we think. In fact, the interpretation of the words and messages depends greatly upon previous programming, experience and main principles.
Lost in translation
That is why for one person who is hypnotised with a message like “I like lettuce” or “I do not eat chocolate” can work, but for another it work. It is because the subconscious of the first person managed to catch the interpretation quite precise. However, in the next case, the person’s subconscious interpreted the messages as “There is a hunger coming and I have to eat only grass”

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It is obvious that very simplified example but it helps to get a clear understanding of the divergencies and how this can work. Besides, weight issues are usually incorporated in core principles, such as self worth and self-confidence. So, when it comes to hypnosis for weight loss, it is often treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Nowadays the issue of obesity is of great interest to many people that’s why even weight loss hypnosis popularity is increasing. If you have tried many ways to burn fat you can also try to lose weight with hypnosis. You must remember that today there are quite a lot of useless means to get rid of extra weight and you have to learn about how lose weight with hypnosis as much as possible and only then decide on applying this way or not.

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