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How To Use Cardio Exercises To Lose Body Fat

Using cardio exercises to lose body fat

We’ve learned that the best cardio exercises to lose body fat are intervals, but now we need to know how to do it.

In short, what type of machine should you choose at the gym?

There are two basic rules for choosing which type of machine to use for the cardio intervals:.

1) The machine shouldn’t need coordination skills, and 2) The risk of injury should be low.

Your focus shouldn’t be on balancing or maintaining a good form on the piece of equipment.

By choosing a simpler machine, your focus can be on maintaining a high level of intensity for cardio exercises to lose body fat.

You also want to focus on a machine that keeps joints and tissues healthy and strong, promoting fitness, not injury.

If you get injured, you struggle to continue moving, no matter how much you want it.

Keeping that in mind, one of these five types of exercises are your best bets for interval exercises to lose body fat.

1) Upright stationary bike: You can easily focus your energy on maximizing intensity because this machine is so easy to use.

You’re also less likely to put stress on your joints because it’s a low-impact machine.

2) Recumbent bike: This machine is just as easy at the upright bike, low-impact and simple.

The recumbent bike is actually better to use than the upright stationary bike if you have lower back problems.

3) Treadmill: If you like running, but you’re worried about injuring your knees, the treadmill is a good alternative.

The treadmill was designed to have a less-intense impact on your joints compared to concrete or other outdoor options.

To increase the intensity, up the incline on the machine.

4) Stairclimber: Mimicking stair action, the machine gives an intense workout without a lot of joint stress.

Don’t negate your effort by leaning on the handles because it minimizes the amount of work you’re putting into it.

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5) Outdoor sprinting: This type of exercise is an intense workout that should be an option for veteran exercisers.

Work on advanced intervals during this, but only do so if you’re very fit and have previous sprinting experience.

Outdoor sprinting can provide fantastic fat-burning results, but it’s very easy to get injured doing so.

Be careful when using this method of exercise because it’s extremely high impact.

Though not as good, there are three more exercises to choose from if you can’t do one of the above.

6) Rowing: This is a complicated machine, so while you can do an interval workout on it, you might not be as focused.

It can aggravate lower back problems, so watch out.

7) Elliptical: This is a great machine if you have knee issues.

If not, then do a different exercise.

8) Swimming: This exercise not only uses nearly every muscle you have, it’s very low impact.

It takes a lot of focus to do high-intensity intervals, though, so leave it to the veterans.

Rather than sticking to one type of machine, try something new once in a while.

Do different workouts during the week – one on the treadmill and two on the bike, maybe – or try something new every other week for great cardio exercises to lose body fat.

Doing this will stop you from getting bored and work out all your muscle groups as well.

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