How To Start To Train

It is unimportant where you have decided to begin perfection of own body — at home or in fitness club, the general approach to process same is to begin and it is necessary to define — what for you need sports and what results you wish to achieve with its help. As a rule, all “complaints” and wishes can be divided into three types conditionally:

* discontent with the kind in whole (for example, you would like to dump excess weight)
* discontent with separate parts of a body (a buttock, a stomach – available so-called «problem zones» over which you wish to work)
* discontent with the physical form, more precisely, its absence negatively influencing quality of a life (raised (lowered) pressure of which you wish to get rid)

Also it is necessary to be guided by desirable changes choosing a suitable kind of training.
Choose the kind of training!

Aerobic training is training on endurance which strengthens cardiovascular system. Traditionally it is considered that the most effective is a run though, basically, employment on a velosimulator are not worse at all (and even it is better, especially, if you have problems with joints). Cardiotraining helps to grow thin, but not in separate “zones” — and in regular intervals.
Power training is directed on development and strengthening of muscular weight, study of separate groups of muscles. Power trainings promote “escalating” of missing volume in one place and to growing thin in others at the expense of what there is a correction of the form of a body.
Interval training (circular training) is characterised by alternation of intervals with high and low intensity of physical activity. These intervals can be measured in many various ways, the periods of time, distances or a pulse rate. Very often represents already ready “hybrid” from power and cardio-trainings. It is considered that exactly interval training allows to burn fat better the others.

In the schedule of large fitness clubs some variants of different classes are usually presented — pay attention that the same versions of trainings can be quite realised in pool, and pilates is recommended not only to improve flexibility but also as an infallible remedy for restoration after power loadings. Choose employment in an exercise room? We recommend a minimum 5 (and it is better 10) individual trainings. To master technics independently for one fact-finding employment is almost impossible. It just that case when it is not necessary to save on the health.

Hold a hand on pulse!

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That in the end of employment it not to appear on a hospital cot, it is necessary to watch pulse first of all. Frequency of warm reductions is an excellent indicator whether you do all correctly. At first calculate the maximum frequency of warm reductions. Then the aerobic zone – pulse at which there is the most active burning of fat. Loading should be such that pulse all time kept in an aerobic zone. As soon as it “reads off scale” – training immediately ceases to be aerobic and turns in anaerobics — and “miracle” does not occur to fat burning — so better not to overdo.

Obviously distance running can help a lot with the general fitness and health of your body. So, if you are interested in the runners training guide or distance running workouts information – please visit this site.

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