How To Return The Form After A Birth Of The Child?

It is really the most wonderful event. Last 9 months the kid grew in you. And as he became bigger there you also and your body became bigger. But not only the stomach increases, it appears that there is everything, even a foot of feet become bigger!

Most successful of you have lost about 8 kg of a liquid at the time of delivery and can quite put on those jeans which carried to pregnancy. But the majority left maternity hospital in those clothes in which went being the pregnant woman, and looked as if they are on 5 month of pregnancy, and sensations from it too were awful.

Even if you with huge enthusiasm cared of the figure to pregnancy, the majority of women nevertheless have similar problems after the delivery.

This program of exercises is intended for the given birth women. It has no value how much you have typed kg during pregnancy. That what is really important is your psychological spirit. Do not lose hope, be the optimist. You can quite return yourselves the former figure, all is in your power. You have everything that is necessary to restore an elastic, beautiful body. If your figure is not the same that was earlier, now it is a high time to bring basic changes in your style of life. To restore health and the physical form after the delivery is much more difficult than to keep the shape, but your persistence and work do not remain not paid. If you had usual childbirth, without complications to start exercises it is possible in 24 hours after the delivery.

Attention: before starting to be engaged, necessarily will meet with approval of the doctor. In case of a bleeding, dizziness, a faint, rise in temperature or unpleasant weariness, immediately address to the doctor.

Always begin with easy exercises, gradually passing to more difficult as you feel yourselves enough strong for this purpose.
Begin with short 5-minute employment during the day.
Be not engaged before full exhaustion of forces.
In breaks between exercises have a rest.
Do not do liftings of a trunk, liftings of both feet and liftings of knees to a breast within the first 6 weeks after the delivery.
Let the child too takes part in employment, put or planthim sideways or on a stomach.
Do not forget that the housework is also a part of your program of physical activity.
The exercises recommended to women after the delivery (beginning in 24 hours after the delivery and till 6 weeks) can be carried out some times in day.
Basin twisting (strengthen a stomach and buttocks).

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This exercise can be carried out standing near a wall or being on all fours with a support on hands and knees. Rise a back to a wall, knees are slightly bent. using force of muscles of a press drive a waist into the corner. Be in this position for 5 seconds.

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