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How To Regain Pre-Baby Weight

Losing weight after nine months of housing a new life is quite an ambitious task. Most mothers are anxious to return to their pre-pregnancy figures as soon as possible. You must be patient as your body has gone through one of the most difficult and wonderful events in every woman’s life. You gave a new life and now you need time to fit back into your old clothes.

Many women find out that even after losing the baby fat their old jeans do not fit. This sometimes happens because the bone structure has changed. This is caused by hormones released into your body during pregnancy that help your body to adapt to the extra weight of carrying a child. But do not get upset, as you can still get a beautiful, toned and thin body, without being exactly as you remember.

There are limitations on when and how you can start to lose pregnancy weight. Most new moms can start walking almost immediately after the first visit of the doctor. Many women lose weight just by walking with their new babies, putting them in prams or slings.

Dieting is not recommended immediately after having a baby, but a healthy diet is a great idea. You can eat healthy foods while keeping in mind that if you are breastfeeding and your body needs more calories now.

Do not cut calories. It is good to eat healthy products. Healthy foods give enough energy needed to feed your newborn with milk and serve as a new parent. If you have spoken with your doctor and been given the green light to start working out is important to do this only when you have enough energy. The first three months of motherhood should be devoted to healthy eating and proper nutrition to address the lack of sleep and stress that come with motherhood. It must be pleasant to know that you lose weight during lactation, because it is a true labor of the body to produce and extract the milk. Breastfeeding you lose about extra 500 calories.

After the first three months when you life is gradually getting back is the best time to start working out. Try not to focus on losing weight quickly. Remember that it took nine months to gain this weight and will take at least six months to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. You should not try to lose more than two pounds per week. To lose half a pound a week will be quite good.

The most important things to remember when losing weight after having a child, is not to be in a hurry. It is necessary to give yourself time to lose weight gradually naturally and comfortably.

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