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How To Reduce Calories, Not Counting Them

If you want to lose extra weight calories should not be a problem. It is true that you need to reduce calories to lose weight. Good news is that you can reduce them without having to count them.

You can reduce the energy content of what you eat each day, with only aware of what you are eating. Do not put food absently into your mouth. Take note of everything you eat. Always pay attention to your food and try to chose only healthy, low-caloric products.

Another part of how you can reduce calories is to make healthier choices. Always try to cook your meals of fresh ingredients. Pre-packaged foods have many hidden ingredients that may hinder your efforts.


Try to focus on vegetables. Eat at least five large servings of vegetables every day. Add flavor with fresh herbs. Be very careful not to add calories to your vegetables with your cooking methods.


The fruits are very healthy and should not be excluded. Keep in mind that fruits contain large amounts of sugar, so eat no more than three small servings a day. It is also important to eat fruit and drink fruit juice. The fruit juice is very concentrated, as it contains more sugar. Your body also needs fiber from fruits.


Limit carbohydrates to five small meals a day. These portions are potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, pasta and other grains. Try to focus on whole grains. This will help your body to eliminate excess pounds.


Excess calories can be dramatically cut if you eat less fat. Try to limit to three teaspoons a day. This includes your fat from spreading and cooking.


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Eat at least three small servings of protein a day. Eat vegetables, low-fat chicken, fish and meat with little fat. Limit red meat to three consumptions a week. Your body needs protein to build a block, and it is important for you to eat enough protein.


It is also important that you use only low-fat dairy products. Be especially aware that hard cheeses contain a large amount of fat. It is better to eat yogurts and cottage cheese. Use fat free yogurt to dress a salad.

Do not add anything unnecessary while cooking dishes.

It is not good to eat three times a day. It is better to eat several small meals a day. You must eat at least five or six small meals a day. Do not try to go without food for more than three hours it can only lead to a binge with disastrous results. Eat lightly and the weight will fall off healthy and easy. It may take a little longer, but will be much more permanent.

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