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How To Prevent The Weight Gain?

Many women find that despite no changes in eating and exercise habits during their middle years they gradually gain extra fat and kilograms. This is often followed by futile attempts to lose weight during menopause. Most women fail to lose menopause weight due to lack of understanding of what causes the weight gain.

During perimenopause the body slows its production of key reproductive hormones such as estrogen. This hormone plays an important role in monitoring your health and energy levels and thus your everyday mood. Muscle mass naturally diminishes with age and you gain extra weight, as muscles burn more calories than fat. Research has also shown that as we age, our bodies develop “insulin resistance” and this can only lead to fat storage instead of calorie expenditure. In addition, many women find out that during menopause their appetite increases and this is due mainly to a reduction of special hormone that is responsible for regulating our appetite.

Excessive weight gain at any time of life is considered unhealthy. During menopause it can cause additional problems. Menopause fat tends to settle around the stomach. After menopause, weight tends to settle directly in the abdomen. It is well known fact that fat stored in the abdomen is particularly dangerous as it can cause heart disease, diabetes and many other health problems.

Although very little can be done to avoid excess body fat, you can still do something to ensure that no additional fat is gained.

There are several steps that can be taken before menopause to prevent weight gain. Unfortunately, most women realize that they have a problem after they have already gained a significant amount of weight.

These are some tips to be followed in order to prevent weight gain:

-Drink plenty of water as it helps to control appetite
-Eat a balanced diet low in fat
-Begin or continue doing workout routine that includes some elements of aerobics
-Reduce total caloric intake by 10%
Most experts agree that the best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake and increase the amount of exercise you do

Any diet that promises fast weight loss will not give long-termed results. Crash diet can only ruin your health and later you will gain even more extra kilograms. During menopause, the body needs to be fed with nutritious foods that help to maintain bone strength and contribute to general wellness.

The ideal diet for weight loss during menopause is a healthy eating plan that provides a constant, sustainable weight loss. It should help to raise the metabolism.

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Do not forget about regular workout routine. Three times a week for 30-40 minutes will be enough.

Your health is the most important thing in the world.

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