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How To Overcome Your Thirst For Sweets.

Sometimes our love for sweets: candies, chocolate, cakes, doughnuts and buns, becomes so strong that it becomes more like a dependence. And this is not surprisingly, as sweets are so palatable, nourishing and attractive, Soft pastry, syrupy caramel, melting chocolate, delicate cream create inimitable sensations in your mouth. Thanks to that sweets have a status of the fastest and cheapest way to enjoy. But it is well known, that everyone has to pay for pleasures. So, overweight and undermined health are pay back for sweets.

This article will give you some pieces of advice how to get rid of the thirst for sweets:

* Lift the ban! Let yourself to eat sweets even if you re keeping a diet. But limit yourself with small portions: one candy after dinner, a cup of ice cream at the second breakfast, or a few pastries with a glass of skimmed milk in the evening. Why? Because as soon as you ban yourself to eat sweets at all, you will lose your self-control very fast breaking all the bans and blaming yourself.

* It would be better to have a small meal rather often, than to have two-three meals a day, in order not to eat too much if you lose self-control. Any meal must contain proteins, fats and cellulose, that make the digestion of simple carbohydrates slower. This will let you to feel yourself full for a longer time and to lower the thirst for carbohydrates within several hours.

* If you have an opportunity to have a bite or a meal that is “poor” for simple carbohydrates, then have such a meal. It is better to eat nuts, pumpkin seeds or cheese instead of candies. Actually these products are high calorie too, but they make you feel yourself full faster (it is enough about 30 grams to have a bite) and save this feeling for a longer time. If you want something sweet, then choose a dessert that contains proteins. For example, a cup of hot chocolate with milk or ice-cream.

* If you want sweets very, very much, try to distract yourself from these thoughts, do something pleasant: have a walk, listen to music or have a bath.

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* Physical training helps to lower any thirst, and a few exercises can become an emergency “rescue” at a hard moment. You just come up to an opened window and do as many squatting as you can. Your pulse rate is becoming more rapid, and you are dripping with sweat and suddenly you realize that you do not wan any candy! We very often want to eat something sweet when we are tired, bored of tiresome or sedentary work, feel negative emotions, but physical activities helps in all these situations too.

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