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How To Overcome A Dietary Plateau?

You have chosen a suitable diet to lose weight to desirable weight. You have said goodbye to old habits of a food and even have refused from favorite dishes and products. And here the first fetuses of selfless observance of a diet are already appreciable. The body at last has appreciated your efforts and has reacted to a diet – you lose weight! You have almost reached the treasured purpose. The arduous toil and refusal of gastronomic pleasures of life at last will be rewarded!

So, one more small effort and last three-five kgs also will disappear. And suddenly you stop to lose weight and the finger of balances foully fades on the same mark… Weight reduction stops literally or is extremely slowed down so that becomes imperceptible.

The matter is that at first the organism gets rid not only of fat, but also from water. Besides, usually all start to lose weight with the big enthusiasm, but then gradually lose interest and cease to follow the planned plan strictly.

In dietology there is a concept as “a dietary plateau” when even against a diet the weight fades. At this stage you don’t add in weight, but also don’t lose it. The dietary plateau meets much more often, than it is considered. Through this stage sooner or later pass almost all who keeps to a diet.

The reasons of “a dietary plateau”

Within first several weeks reaction of an organism to a diet inspires as you quickly enough lose weight. The organism is arranged under a new regimen and a food allowance. At this time consumption of calories remains low and the metabolism is accelerated what leads to prompt and stable loss of weight.

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“The plateau” stage comes when the organism was already reconstructed and “has got used” to a new regimen. The diet any more isn’t for it an unexpected shock. Now the organism is adjusted on burning of smaller quantity of calories – after all their consumption was reduced; for conservation of energy the metabolism is slowed down. In this time weight loss is slowed down or stops at all. Neither the diet nor wearisome employment in fitness club will bring desirable results. Now to dump the remained excess weight it will be very hard.

You are assured that have reached “a dietary plateau”. When you notice that within a week (or even several weeks) the error of balances hasn’t moved on one division, don’t despair and don’t surrender. If you stop to observe a regimen during this moment you quickly will gain back the lost kgs with such work and will return to with what you have began. On the other hand, if you make some changes you will reach the treasured purpose faster to a diet.

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