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We know carrots for a long time as one of the plants most valuable and useful to health growing in the conditions of a temperate climate. Carrots root crops contain a considerable quantity of nutrients in the structure. This valuable vegetable is especially necessary for those who try to adhere to rules of a dietary food. So, what is value of the use of dishes from carrots at a dietary food?
Carrots root crops contain in the structure a considerable quantity of glucose, which is necessary for us as the supplier of energy for normal work of muscles and brain cells. Besides, the use of dishes from carrots in a dietary food is caused by availability of one more important component of the food representing a great value – cellulose. This substance promotes improvement of work of a gastrointestinal tract by means of stimulation peristaltic muscle contraction.
Thanks to the use in food dishes from carrots we receive necessary quantity of carotin, which turns to vitamin A in our organism. Value of given biologically active connection is caused by its positive influence on a metabolism, growth processes, on physical and intellectual development. Necessity of sufficient receipt of vitamin A for our organism also is caused by its influence on improvement of resistibility to infectious diseases and maintenance of normal functioning of the visual device. For satisfaction of daily requirement for vitamin A to the person will be enough to use only 18 – 20 grams of carrots per day. If you want, that maximal carotin was digested at the use of dishes from carrots you should use a sour cream or vegetable oil small amount at preparation of such vegetable salads. The matter is that carotin is fat-soluble vitamin that is why it will be good digested at availability at least a small amount of fats in food. However it is not necessary to be overzealous: fats are very high-calorie substances (their caloric content twice above, than caloric content of two other basic components of a food – carbohydrates or fibers).
For preservation of value of used dishes from carrots at a dietary food is better to use at once the cleared root crops for preparation of salads. At a long staying in water it loses a significant part of vitamin C. To boil carrots it is desirable in the closed ware, putting it at cooking in boiling water. It is necessary to remember also that at a dietary food value of the prepared dishes will be above at the undercooked carrots, than at overdone.
The use of dishes from carrots represents value at an anemia, gastritises with the lowered acidity, and also at preventive maintenance of oncological diseases. Anticancer effects of the use in food dishes from carrots speak besides availability in this vegetable of carotin (provitamin A), which has anti-oxidant action and is capable to neutralize the negative influence of free radicals underlying development of oncological diseases.
Thus, value of the use of carrot dishes in a dietary food is very great. Carrots necessarily should be at a diet of the person throughout all year. The availability of dishes from carrots in a dietary food is especially important during the spring period when our organism starts to lack some vitamins.

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