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How To Lose Body Fat – Middle Age Risks Of Belly Fat

My New Years resolution this year was to lose 20 lbs. While I only weighed 200 lbs when I made the resolution I felt that 180 lbs would be about right for me. Most of my weight was found in the belly fat category. So I started doing some research on the internet about losing body fat and boy did I learn a lot.

One of the first things I discovered was that how much you weigh may be less important than you think. Studies show measuring the waistline is a better indicator when it comes to measuring health levels in men and women. It has been proven that men whose waist measures 40 inches or more and women who have a waistline measuring 35 inches or more are putting themselves at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other illnesses.

Dr. Robert Eckel, president of the AHA, says, “A big waistline puts you at risk for many health problems—diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.”

The Journal of Neurology published a report Wednesday, March 26, 2008, which said that people that have extra belly fat while in their 40’s are more likely to have dementia when they reach their 70’s.

Here is a simple test to measure your belly fat ratio.

Everyone should know their waist-to-hip ratio here is a simple way to figure that out.
While standing, measure around your waist, at your navel, without holding it in or pushing out your belly. Then measure your hips at the widest point. And finally, divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.

That will be your waist to hip ratio.

The ideal will be for your waist to be smaller than your hips. For men it should be .9 or less and women ought to be .8 or less. 1.0 or higher is considered at risk for either sex.

Alternative Tracks to lose Body Fat

In my research for losing my body fat I discovered that a balanced nutritional diet and exercise program was the only way I felt comfortable in losing my belly fat. Sure I could have had liposuction and suck that ugly belly fat away. That has never appealed to me, YUCK! Or perhaps gastric bypass surgery and then watch what I eat and of course take supplemental nutrients to make up for the little food I could eat. But then I really was not that overweight. And again YUCK! So surgery was just not an option.

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All the different teas and diet pills did not appeal to me either. Who wants to pop a pill to curb the appetite, I personally like to eat.
During the research I discovered that the fastest way to drop my belly fat was to engage in aerobic exercise coupled with weight training. Of course reducing my calorie intake was also a vital part of the whole process.

I actually reviewed two exercise programs and two diet programs to see which way I should go to lose my belly fat.. No I have not quite lost my 20 lbs yet but I have lost 10 lbs and reduced my body fat immensely and added muscle. So I think that 190 lbs of muscle far outweighs the actual poundage weight that I have. I have improved my health risks from excess belly fat to a great degree.

Some Foods to Avoid:
Processed foods (cook for yourself)
Trans-fat and other fatty foods (not all fat is bad check it out)
Excessive salt (sodium)
Some Foods to Enjoy
Salmon-good protein with high omega 3
Avocado and artichoke
Almonds and walnuts ½ hour before meal (tells your brain that you are full)
Increase fiber and water intake

Simply doing sit-ups will not get rid of your belly fat. It will take a well rounded exercise program with proper nutritional eating in order to lose the belly fat and flatten your stomach. I want to help you succeed in finally getting rid of that extra abdominal fat that is not only UGLY, but also DANGEROUS.

Don’t waste another day allowing that nasty belly fat to kill your confidence as well as contribute to your risk for MAJOR diseases.

You will want to take a look on my website how to lose body fat to find the right program that suits your lifestyle.

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Grab helpful things to know about weight loss – please make sure to study the page. The time has come when proper info is truly within your reach, use this opportunity.

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