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In spite of the fact that the concept of macrobiotics is known for a long time, but it has entered into our ordinary lexicon more recently when the philosophy of a human life with the nature on the simple balanced diet became popular. In this article we will consider bases of macrobiotic diets.

At the basis of the given diet lies the postulate that pledge of excellent health and longevity is the life in harmony with the nature and the correct balanced food.

The macrobiotic diet is mainly vegetarian diet where the special attention is given use in a diet of the person whole grains and vegetables. Before to use products, the food necessarily should pass special steam processing or use food without vegetable oil. Also at a diet of the person at macrobiotic diet there should be soy products and crucifers vegetables.

The special role in macrobiotic diet is given to soups. Feature to this diet is that there is no meat, dairy products and sugar. Also at macrobiotic diet it is very little used liquids. According to the Chinese philosophy the food that is prepared and used by principles of macrobiotics reduces possibility of occurrence cancer diseases and development of diseases cardiovascular system.

At the given diet is recommended reception of following whole grains: millet, brown rice, porridge, a rye, and wheat.

Vegetables, which should be a part of a diet at macrobiotic diet: a broccoli, a celery, a cauliflower, mushrooms, a pumpkin, leaves of young mustard, cabbage, turnip.

Following kinds of lentil: a string bean and Turkish peas.
– Sea vegetables;
– Fresh sea fish.

Skilled adherents of macrobiotic diet say that you should follow all conditions of observance of the given diet, however many do not maintain strictly to all principles and rules of the Chinese diet. Basically it is difficult to majority of people to refuse completely meat, dairy products and sugar. But if you even use the given food a little, supporters of the given diet will not approve it.
By supporters of macrobiotic diet also it is excluded from a diet any fruit, except for grown up in the garden or a kitchen garden. The use aromatic seasonings and spices, coffee, fowl, a beet, tomatoes, a potato, vegetable marrows and avocado are not welcomed.

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Lack of macrobiotic diet is that do not get to an organism enough of protein, iron, vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for normal functioning of an organism. Many critics of the given diet consider that it is more harmful to an organism, than is useful, especially for the growing and developing organism, to nursing mothers and pregnant women.

One more minus of the given diet is the limited use of a liquid as its restriction can lead to human body dehydration.

The advantage of the given diet for health is the low maintenance of fat products and the rich maintenance of cellulose. Experts advise to use the given diet not in full, and only partially, thereby you will grow thin, thus keep your health.

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