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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Each woman would like to have a beautiful figure and to look more harmonious. However, if during food intake you are ready to eat any dish without analysis you most likely should leave dreams of a harmonious body. So, what are the high-calorieest products, which spoil a figure, it is necessary to limit in the use or even completely to exclude from a diet?

The following law advances caloric content of food. The bigger the quantity of the basic components of a food (fibers, fats and carbohydrates) contains in this or that product, the bigger caloric content it has. Therefore it is more convenient to characterize all variety of products on their caloric content on the basis of the contents analysis of these basic components of a food.

Products that contain protein (meat, milk, kefir, fish, cottage cheese, cheese) have approximately a caloric content average, except for those grades of the given items, which besides availability of protein are characterized by the highest contents of fat – pork, fat fish, and sour cream. It is necessary to notice that fibers basically are used for maintenance of needs of a plastic exchange, they are necessary for growth of an organism, its development, replacement of the grown old and become unfit for use components of cages. In norm protein is used as “construction material”, instead of for energy development. Therefore to limit consumption of protein it is not necessary at all. The physiological rate of consumption of these substances for an organism of the adult woman constitutes approximately 90 – 120 grams a day (this indicator is increased depending on increase in weight of a body and degree of physical activity). However an overabundance of protein in food it is undesirable to suppose too as their surplus will turn to adjournment of a fatty fabric and to spoil your figure.

Fats are most high-calorie of all basic components of a food. At splitting in a digestive tract and the subsequent digestion of fats of one gram gives to twice more energy, than the same quantity of carbohydrates or protein. Therefore it will be absolutely fair to approve that products, with the high contents of fat, spoil a figure. It is possible to name the most high-calorie fat-containing products oil (both creamy, and vegetative), fat grades of meat and fish, fat. Abusing dishes, which contain fats, you are risk to spoil a figure for the account of occurrence of redundant weight of a body. Therefore the share of fats in eaten products is necessary for strictly supervising.

Carbohydrates also concern nutritious components, which are capable to spoil a figure. However such negative effect is caused not so much by the caloric content of carbohydrates (it is approximately equal to caloric content of protein), how much quantity of these substances used in food. The matter is that the sweetest products always contain many carbohydrates. The considerable quantity of carbohydrates contains in the pasta, different grades of bread, practically in all groats.

Considering all above-stated, it becomes clear that the most high-calorie products which spoil a figure, will be products containing many carbohydrates and fats.

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