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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

The diet without physical activity gives weight reduction, muscles however are thus weakened, the skin droops and the metabolism is slowed down. Especially often it occurs at observance of very strict diet, which in itself causes exchange delay.
On the other hand, without change of the concept of a food, only with physical culture you will not get rid of superfluous fat.

The physical culture helps to grow thin, feel normal and to look even more normal under condition of correct food. As a result of playing sports stability of an organism to glucose raises and consequences of superfluous allocation of insulin (the factor promoting adiposity) are less notable. It occurs, first of all, because physical exercises accelerate process of normalization of superfluous allocation of insulin.

Besides, it is proved that at playing sports in organism thyroxin is stronger developed, influencing speed of a metabolism. Physical exercises help an organism to develop enzymes – the substances participating in splitting of fat. Even at rest muscles consume much more calories, than a fatty fabric, and you grow thin even after the training termination.

Adequate physical activity is loading, first, feasible, secondly, solving problems of disposal of concrete illnesses (who has problems with a backbone – do exercises for backbone improvement) and, in the third, burning fat.

The first step at drawing up the program of trainings is to find out, what you want from it. For example, you wish to burn fat, to strengthen muscles, to change the form of hips, to improve a condition of cardiovascular system, to prevent illness or to cope it, and, maybe, to achieve everything at once. Depending on an object in view, you choose type of physical exercises to which will follow in future. But there are also other factors, which are subject to consideration. Presence of traumas of knees does, for example, inexpedient jogging. It is better to carry out exercises, which are pleasant to you.

It is desirable to learn in advance about exercises as much as possible. A lack of knowledge – one of the basic obstacles for playing sports. For example, one of most popular beliefs consists that for improvement of health you should be engaged extremely intensively, is frequent to exhaustion. It is wrong. Actually the overstrain is harmful, as can lower resistibility of an organism to illnesses.
Other erroneous point of view consists that wait for results after the first trainings whereas actually they are visible only after regular trainings throughout long time.

To burn fat, aerobic loading lasting not less than 20 minutes, and at least every other day is necessary. 20 minutes is minimum; in many books aerobic loading is recommended 30-60 minutes a day.

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Aerobic exercises – walking, run in slow rate or driving on a bicycle – unique kinds of physical activity at which fat is directly burnt. Oxygen is necessary for fat burning; aerobics is exactly that provides it.

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