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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

It is possible to be slim during all life and suddenly to get some kilograms in the beginning of menopause. About 50 % of women, 50 years old, add during this period about 3 kg of weight. These additional kg are not hazardous to health, are not catastrophic for a silhouette, and it is necessary to accept simply them as a reality.

Naturally, it does not deny necessity to observe principles of a balanced diet and to watch over health. Special alarm can cause excessive accumulation of fat in the top part of a stomach that is fraught with the raised risk of a hypertension and diabetes.

Whether it is necessary to remain thin after forty? Thereupon psychologists remind a saying: «After certain age it is necessary to make a choice between the face and… buttocks». No diet and at any age is capable to reduce fatty adjournment there where it would be desirable. Quite often grown thin women of mature age are compelled to get the lost kilograms back only to look younger. Also it is necessary to work over a figure by means of reasonably picked up physical activity and eutrophy.

There is an opinion that by fifty years when cyclic processes start to fade and estrogen development decreases; the woman inevitably starts to get weight, and to struggle with it as hopelessly, how to go against nature laws. The French scientists consider that it is not so.

First, decrease in power inputs at menopause not such considerable to get ten and even more superfluous kilograms.

Secondly, decrease in level of sexual hormones during the period of menopause influences fat distribution to a body of the woman, but not on its quantity. Fat does not disappear from hips, but has now the big tendency to an arrangement in the top part of a stomach.

It, of course, provided that the woman does not overeat and continues to move to make active a metabolism, to increase a power consumption and to keep muscular weight. Meanwhile, the age is for all – both for men, and for women – a plausible excuse for an overeating. In this transition period the person feels not only physical, but also psychological stress. The conclusion of physicians is unequivocal: the reasons of accumulation of superfluous fat during menopause – basically not physiological, but psychological. Struggle against stress, filling of the life with pleasure, normal food without excesses the pivotal anti-obesity agents even at this age.

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Of course women want to look great always and too many of them worry very much because of some extra kilograms. But I want to give you one more advice – you should love yourself and have positive thoughts. Good thoughts and some efforts will help you to reach your aim. Good luck!

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