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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

If you want to make your figure better, you should exactly read this article. We offer you some councils how to change a food ration and become slender.

1.Before to go to bed, eat a banana. Rich with potassium and magnesium, this wonderful yellow fruit contains amino acid tryptophan, which will help to fall asleep quickly.

2. Add in a garnish parsley. This modest plant is natural diuretic, which helps to reduce regular monthly swellings in the area of a waist. Volatile oils in parsley stimulate tiny filters in kidneys, provoking them to allocate more urine.

3. Eat kiwi more often. It contain twice more vitamin C, than oranges, four times it is more of cellulose, than a celery root, and are an excellent source of vitamin E and potassium.

4. Use a broccoli. Its inflorescences pleasantly crackle in the Chinese ragout and salads. It is necessary to cook only for some minutes. The special substance, which contains in a broccoli, prevents occurrence of cancer diseases.

5. Add ketchup to all dishes. Antioxidants, which give to tomatoes their bright red color, are very useful. Thermally processed tomatoes — even the best source if such antioxidants, than fresh.

6. Make your pizza more useful. Next time, before to send a ready pizza in an oven, add in it’s stuffing the fresh or frozen vegetables. To put from above the whole or cut pepper is a fast and simple way to add vitamins and cellulose in your meal.

7. Replace chips with nuts. Unsalted nuts are an excellent source of a protein, no saturated fats and vitamin E.

8. The bilberry and a blueberry contain anthocyanin, which as consider, stimulate collagen development. Collagen is necessary that your skin remained elastic. Assert also that the bilberry is useful to improvement of short-term memory.

9. Enjoy a life, consuming live yogurts. They have probiotics — useful bacteria that support and strengthen protective properties of an organism.

10. Make tea, instead of means for digestion improvement. Immersing for a minute a tea bag in a cup with boiled water, you thereby liberate the antioxidants containing in tea.

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11. Prefer green tea. Polyphenols with which it is rich, struggle with free radicals and help to prevent heart diseases and occurrence of cancer tumors. Say also that green tea accelerates a metabolism in an organism, helping that to get rid of unnecessary fat.

12. Well think, before there are products «specially for growing thin». They probably have a lot of sugar or it is simple the portion is reduced in them.

13. If you are in a hurry, make fast fruit salad, having cut a banana, having added a fresh strawberry and couple of spoons of fat-free yogurt. Try also other tasty combinations.

14. Smear crackers with crimson jam, instead of soft cheese. As one recently published research affirmed that at preparation and storage of a raspberry the quantity of antioxidants containing in it doubles.

15. In a chocolate choice follow following recommendations: white chocolate contains more vegetative fats, than cocoa; the milk chocolate is a bit better, than white; the pair of segments of black chocolate will satisfy you more than the whole tile of cheaper milk chocolate as it contains much more cocoa.

Wish you to make your health and figure better!

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