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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

In the evening many of us have intolerable feeling of hunger. Constant attacks on a refrigerator there and then affect in the evening a figure. And then is a diet, then again evening snacks and again a diet. As a result, an emaciated kind, the general dissatisfaction with self.

Dieticians confirm: it is necessary not to gorge on, eat stage by stage. It is not necessary to be full at once. After all know that the more fatly and more plentifully food, the more strongly already through a couple hours it would be desirable to eat. Therefore try to eat gradually, but in some stages in the evening. For example, leaving work, regale on cottage cheese, yogurt or muesli. When you already at home you can have slight snack.

Much better if in your menu there will be products with as it is possible the big combination of animal protein and difficult carbohydrates. For example, you could eat a slice of meat or fish and then to drink a glass of tea. And here it is better to refuse coffee and juice, as these drinks only kindle appetite. Already in half an hour it is possible to have supper. When the stomach is full, to supervise yourself is much easier. The main thing, it is necessary slowly, carefully chewing food.

Many of us are simply assured that the meal consoles. Therefore also run to a refrigerator in each half an hour, escaping from nervous stresses, which have received on work. Actually much best energizer is evening walk. Make it a rule at 7-8 o’clock in the evening to walk near the house within 20-30 minutes. It will help to calm down, will cheer up and will lower appetite. If to make evening walks regularly evening attacks on a refrigerator will stop very soon.

As soon as you will want in the evening to eat, is not necessary to go at once to a refrigerator. Knowingly after all leading dieticians of the world do not get tired to repeat: if it would be desirable to eat, immediately go to bed. After all, the high-grade dream raises vitality, improves mood, gives to an organism vivacity and facilitates the control over weight. So if after ten o’clock in the evening you madly would like to eat, immediately go to sleep.

Make it a rule to take every evening a bath with essence. It also will help you not to make attacks on a refrigerator. Essence for a bath can be got in any drugstore. Also it is possible to indulge yourself with massage. It will help you to relax as much as possible; will cause inflow of pleasant sensations.

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Hope you will be able to follow though some of these rules and in this case you will exactly loose some extra kilograms and will become more confident.

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