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How To Live With Climax And Not To Get Fat?

The eutrophy, olive and linen oils, fish and Adige cheese will facilitate hormonal reorganization. For many women a word “climacterium” associates with a pain, aging. But it is not illness but necessary stage when the organism ceases to produce female hormones. Having received such “vacation”, it is possible to remain healthy and look young. If you want to help an organism to endure this reorganization In this case the eutrophy can help.

Hormonal processes proceed more harmoniously, if weight is in norm. The pair of superfluous kgs don’t matter, and here at adiposity climacterium passes much hardly. Therefore during a menopause it is necessary to lower power value of a ration. Fats should be less, and they should be qualitative. But to pass to a regular low-calorie food it is not necessary. If daily the organism receives less than 65 grams of fat, work of a liver can suffer and especially important vitamins A during this period won’t be acquired and won’t regulate work of female sexual hormones, processes of aging of a skin and preventive maintenance of oncologic disease.

In hormonal reorganization for the woman are important fat acid “omega-3” which improves a condition of cardiovascular system, and also “the omega-6″ serving for preventive maintenance of oncologic diseases. Omega 3 can be found in linen oil, a mackerel, salmon, sturgeon, a herring (it is better to use soaked salty or fresh fish to avoid excess of salt).”Omega-6” is found in sunflower and corn oils. In olive oil the unique”omega-9″is present that raising immunity and strengthening vessels. However it is necessary to pay attention: more usefully will be not refined oil. In the poor one there can be particles of chemicals, which added to filter raw materials. To strengthen an organism less widespread oils help for example, from a walnut, pumpkin sunflower seeds, sea-buckthorn berries, oil of grape ossicles. Necessary vitamin A is found in beef liver, yolks.

It is not necessary to forget about an osteoporosis.

Kefir, unsweetened yogurt, cottage cheese and not so salty Adige cheese should be always on a table. Useful “cunning” you should cook fish together with cartilages for so long that that they became easily acquired. This dish will enrich a ration with calcium and magnesium. Magnesium should be “added” also in a ration by means of porridges from integral grains and bran.

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Potassium serves for strengthening of cardiovascular system and for preventive maintenance of edemas. It can be found in dried fruits, nuts, the bananas, a baked potato.

However, to hope only for a food it is not necessary. If there are problems with the gastroenteric tract, useful substances can not be acquired from nutrition. Make an individual food allowance with the skilled dietarian considering the general condition of an organism.

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