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How To Keep Weight After Growing Thin?

Many of us having resolved to grow thin carefully consider the plan of action. We make a new food allowance, we start to go in for sports persistently without passing any employment. At times it becomes very heavy and it would be desirable to throw everything, but having gritted teeth we continue to aspire to the planned purpose dreaming of a harmonous figure. And, at last, there comes the moment when the arrow of scales specifies in the figure which was earlier considered fantastic and unreal. You take pleasure considering yourself in a mirror asking on growing thin methods. And here the main thing is not to relax and not to begin to conduct a way of life which preceded the losing of weight. It is a widespread error growing thin which having reached the necessary weight, throw playing sports and start to suppose liberties in a food allowance. Shortly they notice that the arrow of scales creeps away again to the right and to put on new jeans begins is problematic. There is a question: How to keep weight after growing thin? The answer to it is very simple: having lost superfluous kgs it is necessary to develop the plan on symmetry preservation.

During weight reduction we learn to plan correctly the food, we watch a serving size, we consider quantity of calories. Having grown thin it is necessary to adhere to the same food allowance as during time of losing of weight. Don’t suppose in the diet of harmful food, continue to eat gradually, but it is frequent. Eat more than fresh vegetables and fruit, don’t forget to use water. To award yourself for all diligence, you can occasionally dare to eat a slice of a pie or to drink a wine glass but after that it is necessary to return again to eutrophy. Thus it is not necessary to forget about culture of acceptance of food. Serve beautifully a table to receive esthetic pleasure from food acceptance. Adhering to such diet you can support symmetry of the figure without being afraid to type superfluous kg.

Thus it is not necessary to think that eutrophy is enough to keep weight after growing thin, don’t forget and about playing sports. You can continue to go to fitness club, can be engaged independently. Instead of the lift walk upstairs on foot, dance before a mirror gathering for work, go for a drive in the summer on a bicycle and rollers and in the winter on skis and the fads. Believe, from it your life becomes more interesting and more fascinating. You necessarily will get acquainted with new people who adhere to the same active vital position.

And, of course, it is not necessary to forget about a correct spirit. If earlier, growing thin, you put before yourselves the purpose and persistently moved to it now can relax simply and all your diligence will go in vain. Correctly eat, go in for sports and feel, how your outlook leaves on new level. Now you will rejoice lives instead of to a sandwich with sausage.

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