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How To Keep Weight After A Diet?

How not to break? It will be easier to make it if you sat on more or less balanced diet which simply limited your ration in calories, instead of strictly forbade, for example, albuminous products.

Then during a diet your organism has already started to build alternative alimentary behavior, to support which much easier rather than to form new alimentary habits.

If the diet was strict it is necessary to make a fresh start.

Anyway, there are some councils which will help you to remain in shape after the diet termination. And if to observe them for the rest of the life or at least for a long time interval it will for ever relieve you of superfluous kgs.

1. Time. That it is impossible to eat after 18.00 – it s not absolutely a veracious statement. Is it is necessary to stop 3 hours prior to a dream. But it is in ideal. To accustom organism to it it is necessary gradually.

And if it is very much it would be desirable – it is impossible to refuse from nutrition. But it doesn’t mean at all that it is possible to go safely on kitchen and to make to yourself a sandwich with sausage, – it is quite possible to manage a cup of tea with the grain small loaf smeared with honey.

2. Quantity. Certainly, right after diets – yes, basically, and always – it is not necessary to fill a plate with nutrition to the edges; rejoicing to that semihunger-strike is already finished. Experts advise to eat about 5 times a day, but thus portions shouldn’t exceed 150 grams (or 180 ml).

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Always remember a familiar expression: If ate but still have the feeling of easy hunger – you have gorged on; if you feel full – means, you have overeaten; if you – have eaten too much, – means, you have poisoned. After all sense of fullness comes only after the lapse of a half an hour after nutrition absorption. For this reason it is necessary to eat slowly!

3. Quality. This point concerns not only qualities of meal, but also how you eat. As to foodstuff, tell farewell to all kinds of fast food, the ration should be various and include all products (in reasonable quantity as already it has been told earlier).

But that is – to you and so it is known, – the information about correct products is enough. But not so often say what to absorb nutrition too it is necessary correctly: slowly, carefully chewing each small slice to a meal condition, savouring not only taste, but also after taste nutrition.

If there is no time to absorb nutrition correctly the break on a meal shouldn’t include firm nutrition or various ragouts and cutlets – you can’t simply eat them correctly and your digestion – correctly to take nutrients. As a result the organism simply will reserve not clear and not processed to the best times.

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