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How To Grow Thin Without Changing The Diet?

How to grow thin without changing the diet? This is the guestion that is very burning.
The dream of many people is to dump excess weight and to become owners of a harmonous figure. At the same time such widespread method as gym visiting does not always brings desirable result. After frequent trainings a muscle becomes stronger, and here hypodermic fat doesn’t think at all to disappear. Therefore important is not only to go in for sports but also to pay attention to food with which we eat every day. The preference of a certain diet and its strict maintenance would be an ideal variant. But many are not in a condition to execute it. It becomes more difficult than it seemed at first to refuse your favourite meal.

And here, for those who would like to get rid of excess weight, without modifying the habitual diet, dieticians have developed some advices:

– Try to use in food and to use at preparation of some dishes milk with the lowered maintenance of fat. If you like milk and you can drink it every day it will allow to reduce quantity of calories in day to 200 units.

– Visiting restaurant, address to the waiter with the request half of your order to turn with yourself. Even if you go there seldom (not more often than once in a week) this rule will allow to lose in a year on the average to five kg.

– If you are the fan of meat it is necessary to replace fat grades with the fast. For this purpose beef or a hen well approaches. If you use meat every day this replacement will relieve you of three hundred calories in day.

– If in the mornings you have got used to drink juice replace it on fresh. Having spent some minutes in the morning for its preparation you reduce number of calories by hundred.

– It is necessary to exclude egg yolks as in them cholesterol and harmful fats contains from a diet. In many recipes on preparation of dishes there is a possibility to replace a yolk two fibers.

– If you are the lover of a batch also can’t refuse it use at least natural substitutes of sugar. It won’t respond in any way on flavoring qualities and will allow to lose within a year to you about five kg.

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– If you have prepared a chicken don’t eat a skin, you will relieve yourselves of hundred to hundred fifty calories.

– To lose hundred more calories will allow to you the ice-cream eaten instead of chocolate with whipped cream with fresh berries.

– Using in food low-fat grades of cheese, such as a mozzarella you will lose for a year about six kg.

It is really surprising that today we live in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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