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How To Cope With Hunger Attacks?

Hunger is a natural physiological requirement of an organism for energy and appetite is a desire to take pleasure having eaten something especial. When hunger and appetite coincide it gives to the person healthy pleasure from meal. And the larger pleasure the person tastes the better in its organism there is a nutrition mastering.

For anybody it is not a secret that many of us overeat. Why it occurs?

To satisfy requirements for energy organism needs a little portion of nutrition. Therefore it supervises only the bottom borders of this requirement. At eutrophy the primary impulse inducing to meal is a pleasant feeling of hunger. And here at improper feeding there is a sharp shift of accent from hunger to appetite. The feeling of pleasure thus withdraws the person for reasonable limits. A result is hyper alimentations. All difficulty in definition and measure observance occurs from false appetite: hunger is already satisfied and appetite doesn’t pass at all.

False appetite can be generated in the childhood when the person feels a disadvantage of attention from adults.

The requirement for care and tenderness since the early childhood associates with desire to be fed. It remains and at mature age. “Jamming” of unpleasant experiences conducts to that further in reply to new afflictions the organism reacts automatically. So it is formed special – “gastric” – behavior model.

It turns out that the person replaces with meal absence of completeness of life. Not saturation and a consolation becomes the basic motive. Periodic attempts to lose weight don’t bring desirable effect as they are referred not on the reason but on a consequence. And living constantly with the feeling of “slight hunger” when there is so many alimentary temptations is difficult and not cozy.

And now let hear some concrete councils:

– beginning with it is necessary to understand accurately the reasons of the internal anxiety and not to try eat everything you see if there is a problem, but try to solve it with other way.

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– Never sit down at a dining table in wild spirits. A stomach normal state is a rest. Only “the anxious” stomach always aspires to nutrition. It is necessary to develop a habit slowly, it is desirable to be silent and with concentration, to seize the opportunity of saturation and during time to stop.

– Never refuse a breakfast. It excites system of a metabolism and promotes combustion of fats.

– Those who are inclined to a hyper alimentation it is necessary to change a food and reduce portions.

– If before food intake you will drink a glass of tomato juice or mineral water necessary for a satisfying of hunger of a portion will be reduced to third.

– Appetite occurrence promotes coffee. Therefore limit its day norm to 2 cups.

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