Weight Loss

How To Choose The Best Diet For You?

The optimal program of losing weight must correspond to several terms:

1. it doesn’t have to assume sharp change of your ration and decrease of calories;
2. it has to combine a diet with increase of physical activity;
3. it mustn’t bring harm to your health;
4. it has to limit your menu: you should change high calorie products to less calorie products.

According to these terms the most optimal will be a program which makes you to decrease consumption of energy for 300-500 calories and at the same time you must burn 300-500 calories every day.

The simplest way to eat less calories is to refuse from high calorie products and beverages such like alcohol, juices, desserts, sweets and farinaceous food, fats and oils.

The rules of reasonable diet for stable and progressive weight loss:

1. Set a clear order of having meals: three basic meals and 2-3 “snacks” in equal periods of time.
2. Instead of fried foods, eat baked and steamed foods.
3. Instead of average dairy products, choose skimmed dairy products.
4. Substitute a third of your usual portion for vegetables dressed with light seasoning.
5. Do not eat at one meal more food, than can be in a middle sized plate.
6. Instead of desserts and snacks eat fruits (a piece of melon, a half of a banana etc.)
7. Substitute high-calorie beverages that you usually drink (juices, beer and other alcohol beverages, carbonated drinks, milk, sweet yogurt and milk cocktails) for less-calorie (mineral water, tea and coffee without sugar).
8. Drink much of liquid (2-3 liters a day). This will help you to avoid hunger. Drink a glass of water before 15-20 minutes a meal.
9. Masticate foods slowly and carefully.

The rules of rise of burning energy:

1. Every morning exercises have to become a must. If you already do morning exercises, try to widen the complex or to complicate it (for example do morning exercises with dumbbells in your hands).

2. Have a contrast shower every day. Contrast shower stimulates and makes tone of your skin better and it also promotes faster metabolism.

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3. Whatever intensive your daily schedule is, take into a habit to walk at least 30 minutes every day. It would be much better if a part of your way you will climb or go upstairs, carry bags in your hands or to make the task more complicate in any other way.

4. Forget about TV and books, and move to active rest: walks, dances, games with children, work on the land etc. Try not tot stay at home on weekends, on weekends you should better go to the city, mountains, forest….. walk, swim, play active sport games. Instead of going to a restaurant, plan to go to a bowling center or billiard at least.

5. Go to a gym several times a week or do exercises at home after work. There are a lot of modern, compact and not very expensive pieces of gym apparatus are available almost for everyone. And you can combine your physical training with evening viewing of TV programs, listening to music or reading books.

These easy and simple rules will help you to have a desirable body and to save the result for many years. The most important is to be patient and constant.

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