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How To Adhere To A Diet?

How to adhere to a diet?

According to statistics to keep on a diet it is possible only to half of people which have decided to adhere to it. But it is not necessary to perceive it tragically.

Alimentary preferences of the person are very inert. Their any changes cause subconscious desire to return to an initial way of life. Therefore failure is natural reaction of an organism to violence. Draw conclusions to follow planned, becoming even stronger.

Failure possibility is necessary for constantly meaning. Following factors can provoke:

Celebratory feast or party, especially, at restaurant;

Emotional conditions: bad mood, boredom, a boring etc.;

Change of a way of life: a trip, holiday, arrival of visitors, etc.;

Absence of support of associates:

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It can be provided offensive of these factors and their influence in this case. Before a party or a supper at restaurant it is possible to have a slightly bite that the feeling of hunger did not strengthen a temptation. Before the diet beginning find for you corresponding “support group”. Probably, it will be relatives or acquaintances. Sometimes it is possible to find support among acquaintances in Internet forums.

To lower a psychological strain from a diet you should plan for yourself “days off”. Believe that the forbidden fruit is most sweet. If it ceases to be “taboo” its sweet considerably decreases. Knowing that it is possible to dare to eat something forbidden it is much easier to refrain from. Besides, even if you will eat something superfluous, it will be psychologically surveyed not as failure, and only as planned “time deviation”. Certainly, such deviation should be reasonable. It is a question of daring to take pleasure a little in a favorite dish, instead of to indulge in gluttony all the day long. Besides, any deviations are admissible only at moderate diets. The organism which has endured stress because of sharp depression of quantity of arriving nutrients, each superfluous calorie will transform into fat. Thus, it proves expediency of moderate restrictions, instead of rigid low-calorie diets.

If there was a failure, it is not necessary to dramatize. Even if balances ruthlessly show weight augmentation, it means nothing. To gain one kg of fat, it is necessary to eat, for example, 3 big pizzas or to drink 11 bottles of wine. It is improbable, that you have mastered it. Most likely, the nutrition part was not processed yet. Besides, excess weight can arise because of a water delay.

After failure do not try to compensate a hyper alimentation in “the hungry days”. It is better to choose low-fat albuminous nutrition, easy soup and vegetable salads. Basically, is better to prescribe to yourself the real purposes that grandness of plans did not frighten.

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