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How To Adhere To A Balanced Eating?

“Day of switching to the balanced eating” necessarily should precede reorganization of an image of a food. It will stimulate a metabolism and a purifying of your organism from slugs.

Along with consumption of the described foodstuff in day of switching it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. For this purpose is better mineral water without a carbon dioxide and teas like fruit and green.

A balanced eating in a family

If you want to change an image of a food in a family, you should do it very circumspectly and not too rigidly manage with members of the family. Don’t consider that all happiness of life consists in a balanced food eating. Always suppose any alternative. A food should be healthy, but for this purpose it is not so necessary to be cruel in relation to others.

Successful transition to a separate food

Pass to a separate food gradually, step by step, never hurry up. Changes in habits can’t occur suddenly. At first try to spend changes there where it will be less appreciable for your family. Try to refuse bad habits and to inoculate new, more useful.

Begin, for example, with exposing on a table as seldom as possible various sweets and a light meal, instead of them offer seasonal fresh fruit. Besides, gradually replace the refined flour for your batch with flour with bran, especially if you bake houses. Sharply changing flour grades it is not meaningful, as the natural batch demands larger quantity of a liquid, than it is provided by the usual prescription.

And one more council try to reduce meat mass in a ration of your family and instead of it enlarge mass of vegetables and salads. Bread from a white flour replace with tasty fresh bread from flour with bran and you will see how such changes imperceptible at first sight will gradually lead you to the desired purpose. Even if someone from your house refuses to pass to a new image of a food, you won’t need to prepare for them separately. You will need to supplement only the menu rich with fibers — a potato, rice with pasta or porridges, and the menu rich with carbohydrates, — meat, fish, cheese or eggs.

For example:

For the menu with prevalence of fibers:

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For adhering to a balanced eating for each person there should be a portion 150 grams of roast from beef and nearby 400 grams vegetables with cabbage;

For the menu with prevalence of carbohydrates:

For each person nearby 200 grams of a potato and nearby 400 grams of vegetables with cabbage.

Also you can have day with vegetables and salads

This day you should eat exclusively green leafy salads and-or seasonal vegetables — crude or stewed. The mass of these products depends on your personal appetite. Refuse at suppression of vegetables fats and a salt in considerable quantity. It is possible to season vegetables add small amount of a vegetable broth.

Day with fruit

In the first part of the day eat fresh fruit (except for bananas). The mass of fruit depends only on your appetite. In the second half eat in addition 2 averages banana or 2 average potatoes.

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