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How Not To Type A Weight During Holiday?

For the summer the most part of holidays is necessary. Certainly, each of us would like to meet rest fully armed and to amaze surrounding with the magnificent figure. One sits down on diets, others start to go in for sports strenuously and someone combines both that and another. Having achieved certain results, we with pleasure put on fitting summer jeans and a short top which underline all advantages of a figure. But, frequently, after that there comes a relaxation phase when having relaxed, it is possible to catch the lost kgs back. The probability to type a weight is especially great during rest. Many of us prefer passive pastime during holiday lying on a chaise lounge and is lazy sipping the next cocktail. If thus you are in hotel where “all inclusive”, you will type a couple kg. In order that weighing after returning home hasn’t disappointed you it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations resulted more low.

1. A diet. It is better to be defined in advance how many time a day you will eat. Also it is necessary to establish time frameworks of acceptance of food. For example, 9.00 – a breakfast, 13.00 – the dinner etc. The ideal variant becomes a food on 5-6 times a day in the small portions. It is better that intervals between food intakes were not less than two and no more four hours. Thus it is possible to improve a metabolism and to avoid fatty adjournment. Don’t forget about quantity of the eaten food, it should be small. It is possible to apply small cunning: put meal in small plates visually to deceive an organism.

It is necessary to avoid exotic dishes, fried, fat and smoked food. Prefer vegetables, seafood, fish and the meat boiled, stewed or baked in an oven. It is more preferable to fill salads with lemon juice rather than mayonnaise or vegetable oil. Instead of a batch and sweets eat fruit, in an hour to and in an hour after meal.

2. “Good” meal. Each of us has more or less correct representations about useful and harmful food. Therefore this point won’t cause any questions. It is not necessary to eat fast food, sweet, chips, fat etc. During holiday prefer vegetables and fruit.

3. “Correct” drinks. Refuse sweet aerated water and difficult alcoholic cocktails. Drink usual water or fresh juice. It is better to choose dry wine as in it there are not enough calories from alcohol.

4. The liquid use. Try to drink for a day not less than two liters of still water to avoid organism dehydration. It concerns water, other drinks aren’t included into this list. Dehydration occurs that during time of a heat the requirement of an organism for a liquid increases to three liters for a day two of which should make water.

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If to adhere to these recommendations it is possible not only not to type a weight during holiday but also to strengthen an organism. And it means that having come back home you will please the relatives with shining appearance and good mood.

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