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How Not To Gain Excessive Weight During Cold Seasons?

How not to gain excessive weight during cold seasons?

1. Try, as less as possible to be warmed by means of coffee as excess of caffeine forces an organism to accumulate fat. Therefore if you need to get warm grassy teas is better in this case. Use more nutrition containing building fiber; it will help to cope with hunger attacks.

2. The spicy food helps to burn weight so indulge you with the Mexican dishes and with pepper more often.

3. Don’t forget that to satisfy thirst it is necessary not only in the summer. In a cold season the organism sweats much and, as consequence, loses liquid; therefore regularly fill up its stocks with 6-8 glasses of water in a day. It is better to prepare meal on pair but if you haven’t got a double boiler, prepare your meal on olive oil. Avoid frying on animal fats; it is better to use them in a crude kind.

4. Experts of flower therapy assert that orange color cheers up and gives energy, therefore it is necessary to lean more often on oranges, carrots, a mango both other orange fruit and vegetables.

5. Sleeping during the autumn-winter period is essential and is required to do as much as possible, after all, according to experts, because of a sleep debt appetite is enlarged, as leads to superfluous kgs.

6. It is necessary to drink not less then two glasses of fresh pineapple juice in the winter. It is necessary to dilute juice on third with water that all its components have started to operate quickly and didn’t injure a gentle mucosa of a stomach the raised maintenance of acid.

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7. In general, waters a day should be drunk, adhering to the formula: a body weight to increase on 30. From such volume of water already in itself the growing thin mechanism is started.

8. The cellulose should become one more hit of your winter ration. These are bran, a waste of cereal grains. The ballast substances containing in them, perfectly well clean hollow organs; a stomach, thin and thick intestines.

They are very low-calorie and in a combination with water represent a unique sorbent and the abstersive filler reducing appetite several times. Under the influence of cellulose in a duet to water in an organism for a season there are revolutionary changes; the fatty exchange is normalized, acidity is leveled, and the useful microflora is restored. The cellulose can be asked in drugstores where alimentary additives are on sale.

9. Don’t forget about such thing as “a winter entertainment” as a bath. In a complex with eutrophy it interferes with adiposity and also stay in a bath is similar to the run effect.

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