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How Do You Lose Weight By Getting Calories Out From Restaurant Food?

For most of us, occasional eating out at restaurant is quite common. And it has been known that the restaurant food is high on calories. So, the challenge is how do you lose weight by getting calories out from restaurant food?

Do you want to pay the high price of eating at restaurant and only order plain food i.e. salad without dressing and steamed vegetables? Well! I am sure most of you will want to enjoy your food whenever you dine in the restaurant. However, realizing that the restaurant foods have high calories, you are at the crossroad and unsure what to do. On one hand you want to have nice, delicious food and on the other hand, you want to have something healthy without many calories. Here are some tips that can help you to have peace of mind whenever you are dining at restaurant:-

1) Never order super size meal. Super size meal is just too much for a normal person. Instead, save your money and order normal size meal. Then share it among your group. Remember to ask for extra plates and utensils if you are sharing the food.

Another option will be to order the appetizer. Depending on where you are dining, some restaurants will serve a large portion of appetizer. You can order 2 to 3 types of appetizers plus one dessert and then share it among yourselves. By doing this, you will be saving money, have less calorie and still being able to enjoy and have enough food.

2) Do not take the bread and rolls unless they are baked fresh and come with low-fat spread. Normally, the bread and rolls with come together with high calories bread spread i.e. butter. If you are ordering enough food, then just politely ask the bread and rolls to be taken away. If you leave them on the table, chances are you will be eating them as it is out tendency to finish everything on the table. I am sure you do not like to have the sight of having much left-over on the table right? You will do yourself a big favour by asking the bread and rolls to be taken away.

If you really want to take the bread and rolls, eat them without any butter. Just eat them plain; they are also very delicious eating by their own. The best bread to have is the whole grain bread as they are really healthy food. Nowadays many restaurants do serve them and if you really can’t resist the temptation of bread and rolls, check if the restaurant can provide you with the whole grain type. Do remember to eat them PLAIN and without any butter.

3) Stop ordering soft drinks which are high in sugar content. By the way, do you know that restaurants earned a high margin from the drinks served to their customers? The margin level can be as high as 200 to 300 percent depending on the type of drinks and the selling price.

Instead of ordering soft drinks, order water. Save your money and just order water. By drinking water, you will feel less guilty after the meal. If you really can’t resist the temptation of soft drinks, order diet drinks instead which many restaurants are serving or some juice drinks.

4) Eat slowly and chew your food well. Enjoy the companion and fellowship at the table and take your time. By eating slowly and chewing your food well, it will be easier for your body’s digestive system. Also when you do that, the chances of you overeating will be low as you will get the right signal of being full.

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If you rush to finish your food, then your body may not give you the right signal of being full. Normally when you rush to eat your food, you will only feel full at a later stage which may be too late. When that happens, it is most likely that you have overeaten.

Your body will take approximately 20 minutes to give you the signal of being full after you chew the food. When you chew your food slowly, that you body will have plenty of time to signal full. However, if you rush to eat your food, then you will not get the full signal at the right timing.

5) Get rid of fat and skin from the food. I know you have seen some girls doing that in the restaurant. Well, I will suggest you to do the same.

I love the skin as much as you do. However, the thought of getting the fat from these foods prevented me from taking them. Next time when you are taking these deliciously cooked skins, think about all the fat you are bringing into your body. When that happens, if is most likely that you will drop the food right away. It is your personal choice – a moment of enjoyment or the extra time of running on the treadmill?

If you are really serious on your weight problem, you need to consider the place that you dine, the food that you eat and the portion of food that you are consuming. Get these steps right and you’ll be getting calories out from the restaurant food. By getting calories out from the restaurant food, you will be getting less fat and this will be a big boost to your weight loss journey.

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