Weight Loss

How Do Well Known People Lose Weight?

There are some secrets of amazing weight loss of famous people.

“We are a nation where bariatric surgery is growing faster than our bottoms” — Michele Ingrassia, a journalist of Daily News, New-York.

In reality the stars of show business, movies and politics are the same people as the rest population of the world. And it is not as simple to lose weight for famous people as for others. In spite of the plenty of different diet programs, food additives and systems of weight loss. In spite of all those are available to them thanks to their money. People lose weight for some time, as a rule for several months. Then their fight with overweight ends with the same results as at other people. A person starts gaining weight again. As a result the person gains more weight than he/she had earlier. The more the person tries, the more weight he/she gains at the final result. And then bariatric surgery becomes the only one way out. Bariatric surgery solves the problem once and forever.

The majority of well known people try to hide the secret of their amazing weight loss. If they are asked about that, they tell about unusual diet programs, about tremendous will power, about immensely intensive physical training. But the facts say vise versa: if a person used to be very fat and then he/she lost a half of his/her weight and didn’t gain weight any more, then the possibility that this person had lost weight with the help of surgery became 98 %. But there are famous people who do not hide the secret of their amazing weight loss. A famous football player Diego Maradonna and a wide of a famous rock singer Ozzy Osbourne are among these stars.

The wife of the leader of the rock group Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne spent about half a million of US dollars for surgery operations for her transformation. Before the surgery, Sharon looked like an average stout house wife. It is known that she suffered from bulimia — pathological gluttony. Sharon Osbourne was operated in 1999. After the operation she lost 50 kilograms. But after she lost weight, Sharon had to be operated again, she was made plasty surgery operations.

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The famous Argentine football player Diego Maradonna was born in 1960 in the slums of Buenos Aires. he became a football star very fast. But he became a national hero in 1986 after his famous goal in the match against British team. In the end of 90s years of the last century he had to leave the world of big sport because of his passion to drugs and overweight. Maradonna was gaining weight extremely fast. The problems with health brought him to the surgery operation in 2005. Maradonna lost weight after the operation.

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