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How Do Diets Work?

If you have noticed that you often overeat when are nervous or when you are unfortunate or simply after difficult day it is better to you to be engaged in a diet after passions will settle. The diet won’t solve your problems but failure can cast you into even big depression.

At the heart of all good diets is reduction of consumption of calories, increase in power consumption or that and another in a complex.

For reduction of consumption of food the diet can offer new unusual products or prepared in the special way. For example, the diet advises to avoid cold or fried food or to take special drinks before meal and carefully calculate calories or keep a diary. All these methods can reduce consumption of calories. But it is possible to accept the medicines reducing appetite, paternal you start to consume less calories.

Physical activity accelerates weight loss as the expense of calories increases but process will be long if you only increase the expense and don’t reduce consumption. Till now it is not created the medicines safely accelerating a metabolism and consequently the expense of calories. Many people accept the means operating on a thyroid gland in hope to facilitate the weight, thus in vain risk health. Some corpulent inhabitants of the USA where this phenomenon is widespread, especially strongly are fond of the medicines influencing on the throat.
Why do diets sometimes don’t operate?

According to governmental “Review of food skills of adult population of Britain” 12 % and 4 % of men keep to a diet. Average duration of observance of these diets is six and a half weeks for women and ten for men.

So why do all these diets don’t operate? Simple and indigestible true for us is that short-term fashionable diets simply don’t cause long proof loss of weight. As a matter of fact they bring more harm than advantage. It is because short-term diets have “effect of a ricochet”. For example, if you go on a fashionable diet which allows you to receive with food only a few honeycombs of calories in day the organism then considers that it has risks to starve to death and quickly answers it with reduction of power inputs. It leads to fall of speed of the basic metabolism which is responsible for speed of burning of the calories received with food.
The problem here consists in the fact that during the falling of speed of a metabolism the organism gets used to live and function on smaller quantity of calories. Now scientists have come to a conclusion that if to lower speed of a metabolism with a poor food it will be extremely difficult to return it on former level after the diet termination.

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During strict restriction in a food you receive no more than 1000 calories in a day, therefore 1 organism is accustomed to function at this level. It means that at returning to former level of a food when you consume about 2000 calories in day the organism postpones additional calories in the form of fat. So you will not only return former weight but also receive feeling of constant hunger and consequently will type still pair of kgs. This effect of a ricochet in the end of term of observance of a diet also is a principal cause of that the diets don’t help. And differences between sharp loss and fast returning of former weight by the most dangerous image increase risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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