How Correctly To Choose The Personal Trainer

If to consider that mass fitness movement has begun hardly more 10 years ago, and before all fitness has been concentrated in basement rocking chairs and professionals in this sphere were not, behind an exception unless the inventors spending morning exercices in sanatoria the question on the one who now works as fitness trainers and as for short term has appeared so much pro in this question is rather actual.

Uniform classification of level of fitness instructors in our country is not present, and therefore each network develops own. The highest category usually name “master trainer” (variants “grand master” or “the master +” are sometimes used). The personal trainer (or simply “trainer”), even more low – the fitness instructor more low is quoted. Taking into account that even the instructor has the quite good income the personnel of the centres really has good qualification and it is almost impossible to see on this work of visitors from union republics.

But qualification not always can protect from hack-work of the trainer. On responses of clients, most often it is not absolutely diligent to the work the instructors conducting group lessons concern. In a case with the personal trainer the role character can play – if it will not be possible to come into contact also employment will not bring pleasure. Therefore it is necessary to attend to the information on trainers even before card purchase in the fitness centre. It is better to take an interest about trainers as a rule, the centre personnel himself is engaged in the same centre, and therefore knows all trainers and can give the valuable information on them.
The important part of trainer’s work is to feel optimum loading for the client. The considerable number of complaints concerns the scornful relation of instructors to a loading choice that is permissible only at group employment. For example, the trainer can establish quantity of repetitions of exercises from 8 to 12, without establishing exact figure. In this case there is other question, for what to pay money, time all exercises is carried out on state of health?

But this problem is solved – now practically all fitness centres offer trial free employment with the personal trainer. It can be one employment, and can be a little. Therefore it is possible to work with different trainers to choose to yourself optimum. By the way, duties of the sports instructor include supervision over state of health of the client, carrying out of necessary testings, definition of readiness of the person to employment. By rules of any club, the client is not adhered to any concrete instructor and can distribute the paid employment though between all trainers in a hall. But in this case then nobody can guarantee efficiency of employment. Some clubs suggest to meet and communicate preliminary to the trainer even at purchase of a club map, but it is theoretically possible to agree directly with the instructor about a meeting and directly.

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