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How Alcohol Relates To Your Weight Loss?

In reality, it is really hard to get rid of the things that play an important role in our life, such as alcohol. In fact, it is a kind of a great activity to get relaxed at the end of the week and to have a glass of wine together with your friends. But when you take your weight loss procedure pretty seriously, you should realize that there are many side effects likely to be caused by alcohol especially. These bad alcoholic habits only prevent you from reaching the final goal.

Slows your metabolism immediately

Indeed, the biggest alcoholic side effect lies in the fact that it influences your metabolism and makes it hard for your body to burn extra calories. For sure, this is a great problem when you come across many people who have a great desire to drink beer with you after the hard working date and to watch together a football match, for instance. Once the alcohol touches your organism, your all weight loss prospects are ruined and there is no hope for the better outcome. In actual fact, this slowed metabolism being under the influence of the alcohol lasts for about 24 or 48 hours. That is why it is better to stay away from alcoholic drinks after performing the exercises.

Reduced motivation

Of course, alcohol belongs to the kind of beverages that are able to make you feel wonderful just for a moment. However, it is only for the start. As you drink more and more, it penetrates into your blood influencing your habits and making it much difficult for you to consume healthy food and just to act wisely. It is true that once night has been proven to be enough to add some fat to your body and making you regretting your choice the same day.

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Less of the male hormone

In fact, there is a relation between how much you drink and how much of a man you are. But it is true that the more alcohol you drink the more feminine you tend to become. The thing lies in the fact that through drinking you are likely to suppress the male hormone testosterone which is extremely essential for the right sexual functioning and muscle growth. If you do not believe in the statistics which has been previously proven for you many years ago, you can go on drinking and soon you will be able to determine that you are out of shapes and do not possess many muscles on your body. For sure, alcohol can decrease testosterone for 24 hours after drinking. So next time you come up with the idea of drinking, you should better think about what you are doing to your body.

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