House Fitness

Even if you do not need to strengthen any area of a body all the same be engaged in fitness. Preventive maintenance to anybody yet did not bring harm, only on the contrary.
For performance of exercises in house conditions and preventive maintenance of diseases of all departments of a backbone it is possible to use an ordinary ironing table which you can daily use. The width of a board should be about 40 sm, and length is hardly above your own growth. Raise the bottom end of a board on 30-40 sm over a floor. Lift feet above a head, the blood will start to circulate faster, pressure of all muscles is weakened. All it finally will be reflected in your appearance.
House exercises for a backbone.
Relax, lay down on a board so that it was comfortable to you, the stomach is not bent and not involved. You should learn to relax on it. Some minutes you should lie, without moving, after that try to touch a board an average part of your backbone and stand in such position for 10 seconds. Change a pose for an extent of 15 minutes.
That carried out exercises were effective and were of use for you, recommend to carry out their minimum twice a day. The second time is desirable for carrying out in the evening – it guarantees healthy and sound sleep. After certain time you will feel result which will obviously please you as you will feel the big inflow of vital energy.
Do not forget to give rest to your backbone. One of the most useful methods of unloading is walking on all fours. After that you will feel considerable changes in a body – the backbone will become more flexible, pressure of muscles in the field of a back decreases. But it is necessary to remember some recommendations: do not do sharp movements, do not turn a head every which way.
Carefully pay attention to poses in which you are engaged, whether it be standing or sitting. We will admit if exercise is necessary for carrying out standing you should watch that your back has been leant, let us assume, to a chair back.

It is very good to have an elbow-chair as, leaning against it, you remove a share of loading which falls on your backbone. To avoid occurrence of the second chin it is not necessary to incline heads as in such position of a muscle weaken. It is necessary to stand as follows: a foot are on an insignificant distance from each other, in this position the weight of a body of the person is in regular intervals distributed on both feet. Do not forget about a back, it should be a straight line, the head hardly is rejected back. Initially, such pose will seem to you inconvenient, will not pass also couple of weeks as you get used to it. Try to save such position of a body during walking.

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