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We gain weight due to two major reasons. Our fat cells could increase by number or by size. Fat cells increase in their size when we intake too many calories and do not spend much energy. If a person is overweight, his or her fat cells could be three times larger than that of a healthy person.
Fat cells could also increase in number. This happens if a person overeats without having enough physical activity during late childhood, during pregnancy or during periods of time when enormous amounts of weight are gained. If a person lives a healthy life, his or her number of fat cells should remain the same. But if a person is obese, his or her fat cells are full and new fat cells begin to form. This is done in order to provide additional “storage space”. An average overweight person may have about seventy five billion fat cells. However, extremely obese people may have three times more fat cells.
This fact often makes people think that they are unable to lose weight just because they have more fat cells than others. There are opinions that obesity occurs due to heredity and nothing could be done to it. You should not be a pessimist and you should not think this way. Even though you cannot change the number of fat cells you could easily change their size by proper eating and regular exercise.
Of course, the number of fat cells you have influences how hard it will be for you to lose weight. The number of fat cells is a key reason why some people gain weight much easier than others. However, even such people are able to lose weight if they stick to healthy life style.
A popular way to lose weight is to get on high protein diets. However, we do not know so far the long term effects of staying on these diets. It is not a balanced diet if you get most of your daily calories from meat, eggs and cheese. You will consume high amounts of cholesterol and fat which is not good for your health. You will not get enough fresh vegetables and fruit which may lead to the lack of vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber. Such diet often makes people feel tired and weak. Having less than 130 grams of carbs per day may lead to joint problems and kidney stones. Such diets are also low calorie ones and this mean they lead to short term weight loss. To lose weight long term you need to stay on a balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of proteins, carbs and fats. This way you will not miss any valuable nutrients.

If you reached the stage when weight loss has become an important issue – then you should learn how to lose weight fast.

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