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How to eat fractionally and adhere to balanced health eating?

So, I will begin with the main thing – with a fractional food. What habits you have? Densely to gorge on one-twice a day, forcing all the rest of the time your organism to fast weight loss?

Think: when we are born, we are fed with each two-three hours, seven-eight times a day. And it is correct. Such diet is simply necessary for a small growing organism – for normal work of its alimentary system, active growth, and high-grade development of its nervous system.

When we grow – both in a kindergarten, and at school, – mother feed us, literally, every few hours. We had breakfast at home. We have come to school – after the first or after the second lesson we ate something– the second breakfast turns out. In the middle of day we go for a dinner, and then we had the mid-morning snack or a lunch. In the evening the kid comes home and has supper. And at such regimen the child develops normally. It moves. It goes to gym. He runs in a court yard. It grows. It is healthy.

But why all comes to an end, when we go to study in institute, and then – work? Yes, of course, we do not grow any more. But we after all in the same way fuss, we get tired, we spend energy. And we spend pore of this energy much more, than in the childhood. And to us it is vital in time to fill it up. Yes we also fill up it, overeating once a day. But whether such regimen of replenishment arranges our organism? Certainly, no!

Why we cease to eat normally when we occupy the work chair? Whence we have this belief, what at first business, and then – a body?

The diet without exercise stresses – is no effective.

Intensive trainings at improper feeding will not bring advantage.

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Why we should start to work in mornings, and to finish in evenings and then in one time to eat a breakfast, a dinner, a supper and all the rest? And then, as the cochlea to crawl away on a sofa and watch TV, calm down and fall asleep.

And after all in the morning, before work, we don’t have time for breakfast either. And we hurry all the time something and except some bite we don’t actually eat anything.

And so once again I will ask: why we do not care of our body? Why, when we are young and we have certain quantity of resources – in sense of health and working capacity, we do not think thae these resources limitless?

Why we thoughtlessly spend them now? Why we do not understand that the human body is immeasurably expensive we will never and anywhere buy spare parts to it?

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