Healthy Sleep Is Very Important For Sportsman.

Scientists have already studied sleep physiology rather good, but its functions in many respects remain not clear. It is clear one: a dream, contrary to a popular belief, is not just passive condition at which brain both other physiological and chemical processes absolutely flake out.

What is the sleep?

Scientists allocate five phases of a sleep, each of which is characterized by a certain condition of activity of a brain, a muscular tone and mobility of an eyeball.

The first phase is a somnolence, falling asleep.

The second is a shallow sleep.

The third and fourth phases usually consolidate a joint name “a slow sleep” (person, who hasn’t enough sleep duration of a “slow” sleep increases that allows researchers to consider it as the most important for rest and organism restoration).

The fifth stage is unique at once in many respects. The muscular tone is shown to a minimum, but extraordinary fast movement of an eyeball begins. Unlike the previous, “slow” phase, this phase of a sleep is called as “fast”. At “a slow” sleep indicators of physiological functions of an organism (pressure, a heart rhythm, breath) are extremely stable, and here they become rough, start to change.

In a phase of a “fast” sleep there are dreams, and at men have erection (regardless of the fact what dreams they have). Encephalogram often does not differ almost from encephalogram of the awaked person. “A fast” phase is also named “a paradoxical sleep”, it is not so similar to all other phases of a sleep that scientists instead of allocating two basic conditions of the person – a sleep and wakefulness, often prefer other classification: wakefulness, a sleep and “a fast” sleep. For each of these conditions answers the special area of a brain.

During a normal night sleep we pass all these phases – from the first to “fast” one. Each cycle lasts about one and a half hours and repeats about 4-6 times for a night. “The slow” sleep first dominates, by the morning it is almost completely superseded by “fast”.

Interruption of “a fast sleep” is usually accompanied by weakness, therefore, if you like to take a nap after a dinner, it is better to be limited to 30-40 minutes and to avoid “a fast” phase.

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How much time is it necessary to sleep?

Normal duration of a sleep depends on age very much. According to researches, only 10 percent of people get enough sleep less than for 7 hours. The majority of people need about 7-8 hours of sleep to feel good.

If you have woken up vigorous and full of strength, it means, you slept exactly so much, how much it is necessary exactly for you. There are also other methods of definition of normal duration of a sleep. One of them is the test with an alarm clock. If you usually wake up before an alarm clock call – most likely, your dream is normal. If the alarm clock interrupts a dream – it means you need sleep more.

Do not forget, however, that requirements in the sleep vary not only with years, but also in stressful conditions, extreme situations.

Have a good sleep and lead healthy way of life.

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