Healthy Rules Of Fitness.

For a long time it is known that trained and physically active people live longer. However the majority of us does not know «healthy rules of fitness». Do you wish to be healthy? It means be engaged in fitness, but rationally!

Rule №1.
Do not forget to drink water. The more we train, the more waters should drink. Why? Water is the main regulator of a body temperature and frequency of warm reductions.

In an hour of intensive employment it is possible to lose 1 l of water, especially “squeeze out” water such employment as interval trainings when the person strongly sweats and it seems that from you remains nothing. At dehydration it is possible to feel weariness or spasms.

2-30 minutes prior to employment it is necessary to drink a glass of water. In a current of employment it is necessary to drink on a glass each 15 minutes, and also to drink a glass of water in 30 minutes after training.

Wrong action: I am surprised simply with people who after training run to be weighed, to look how much they have grown thin. Actually scales display quantity of the spent water. And about scales it is better to forget. It is necessary to concern with care drinks, if your purpose is growing thin it is better to refuse them.
Rule № 2

A food before training.
It is necessary to eat both before and after fitness training. Before training in an hour-two it is better to eat fibers and difficult carbohydrates which are long acquired.

The sandwich with cheese and bread will approach also. If you are engaged early in the morning, you drink at least a glass of juice. Sports on a hungry stomach are not welcomed today.

Researches have shown that during a half an hour after the termination of employment carbohydrates and fibers are necessary to an organism. Energy for restoration of muscles and escalating of muscular weight is required to it.
Right after trainings the organism requires in small amount of food and in 1-2 hours it is possible to eat well.

Rule № 3

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The trained heart.
That only people do not think out to shirk loadings on a cardiac muscle: «I Hate a racetrack!». Despite this healthy heart it is impossible without kardio-loadings of 3-5 times in a week for 30-60 minutes. Such trainings help to burn more calories and to train heart. And if you have excellent health intensity of such training can be very high.

Rule № 4

It is not forgotten about force. With the years we lose muscular weight, and to fill its loss is business of the first necessity. Exercises with burdening 2-3 times a week are necessary. Irrespective of, whether you are engaged with dumbbells or swing a press, the big muscular weight, as a rule, gives higher level of a metabolism. So you will burn more calories, even when have a rest.

Your figure becomes more harmonous and tightened, and the main thing is the change a parity of fatty and muscular weight in an organism. Power exercises will help to reduce fatty adjournment (including in the field of a stomach) which become often the reason of cardiovascular diseases.

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