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Healthy Life Style: How To Adhere To A Balanced Eating.

Healthy life style: how to adhere to a balanced eating.

We are not excited for some reason with long-term prospects. Yes, we want to become good professionals, to promote ourselves, earn more money. But to very few people to a head comes that the good professional is, first of all, the healthy person, vigorous, and full of strength and good mood, the professional with the positive relation to life. Why we do not think of prospect? After all the state of health will predetermine eventually results of our work.

All trouble that we do not have knowledge about our health state and body. We ignoramuses in this sense. We do not know our body, we do not know features of physiology, and we do not know requirements of an organism. And after all we consist of small live sections. And each live section, as well as at all organism has its requirements, the purposes and problems.

At a fatty cell the main task is one. For us it is an energy source. For example, if something happens with us – whether snow has dropped out in the street, whether the rain falls down, it became cold or there was a situation when for a time frame we should make improbable quantity of work, or simply sudden stress, who in this case will help us? Maybe it will be the neighbor? The fellow worker? Mum with the father will come to help? No! Necessary energy will be given only by our fatty section. More truly, it should give it.

But if we have not fed her, what it can give to us? It carries responsibility only for us. Also builds harmonious relations only with us and loves only us. Therefore it does stocks. Not for itself – for us it does these stocks. That tomorrow we have not deceived it, that have not left its hungry! And if we have fed it in due time, have allowed it to make these stocks, it will be ready to give the stocks to us at any moment. To help, support, give the necessary quantity of energy.

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The more scornfully we concern to our organism the less happy we are with its work. Only when we will build harmonious relations with ourselves, with each cell of the organism, only then the organism will be grateful to us. So, and we will be grateful that the fatty cell does not do for itself superstocks any there, forcing us to gain excess weight.

The organism understands that we treat it kindly. We feed it, we do not disregard it. Also there is no at it a necessity to do superfluous stocks. There is no need to save a superfluous fat “just in case”.

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