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‘Healthy Is Boring’.

Such statement is said by the most children in Europe. They used to eat junk and unhealthy food and they even don’t want to make efforts to follow a balanced dieting and healthy lifestyle.

Teenagers are mostly idle and lazy. There are a lot of surveys conducted by the different world health organizations. And all of them show that the European teenagers prefer to eat chips, burgers and fries. Sweets, chocolates, cookies and passive way of life cause the problem of overweight. Eating fatty food lying in front of TV sets leads to the gaining of extra weight, loosing the attractiveness in shapes and looks.

The ‘slim’ epidemic has captured the world recently. The most of the fair sex started crazy dieting even not knowing possible consequences of not clinically guided starvation. There appeared a great deal of deaths due to anorexia and to stomach cancer.

So, the problem has divided into two separate ones: the problem of overweight and the problem of extreme dieting. An enormous quantity of diets has appeared for the previous ten years. But rarely each of us consults a doctor before starting following a diet. 99 % of diets helping to quick loose weight are dangerous for the health; they can evoke the disorders in the organism and even lead to more serious problems, requiring clinical treatment.

To keep fit means to follow diet through the whole human lifetime. Not everybody knows that the word ‘diet’ was derived from the Greek language and originally meant ‘the way of life’. That’s why ancient Greeks tried to eat more vegetables and fruit. Besides, they used only olive oil in cooking and were led by the principle: ‘tasty food is not so healthy and useful for organism but tasteless is’.

The most overweight – prone people are women. They usually suffer from the fat accumulation in the problem zones – hips and belly. And trying to be ‘on the stage’, to be competitive with younger and fresher generations, women take unbelievable measures to be attractive, sexy and beloved by men.

There appear different methods of loosing weight quickly. At present unfair clinics which get money on women’s biggest desire to be beautiful and attractive and to remain young and fresh as long as possible.

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To be healthy needs no little money. Your personal dietologist, trainer, healthy organic food, gym trainings – all these needs a lot of funds.

Except financial side of the problem, you should be purposeful, ambitious and motivated. Never let your laziness to go out. Being disciplined, motivated and hard-working is the reason of beauty, attractiveness and therefore long happy life.

So, ‘healthy is boring’- this phrase can be heard only from a lazy person, unwilling to be active, attractive and successful. Hope, you are not the kind…

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