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A food of our far ancestors

Our far ancestors weren’t vegetarians, they ate everything that it was possible to catch, collect, dig out, that is used both vegetative and animal nutrition.

Before there was an agriculture “cave people” were fed with hunting, fishing and collecting (collected berries, nuts, honey and so forth). The share of animal nutrition in a ration depended from geographical and environmental conditions: in the south (for example, in Africa) where the collecting season lasted almost all year long.

By the way, scientists consider that, the food has played a huge role in development of brain of Homo sapiens, and not only at biochemical level: after all to kill even a fine animal, it is required much more ingenuity than to dig out any root.

“A healthy” food of close ancestors:

Many people complain till now that during old kind times the nutrition was natural. Yes, really, earlier people would eat more healthy nutrition, were treated by folk remedies and lived healthier and longer life. However, infarcts, strokes and a cancer happened much seldom because people didn’t live to that age when these illnesses develop, and died of infectious diseases (a cholera, a diphtheria, a pneumonia, a tuberculosis and etc.).

About that all had a healthy nutrition, too there are doubts as meat, and more it was considered as the most high-grade food is better. Even doctors ordered to patients to eat more meat, and broths from fat beef or a bird for treatment and improvement were recommended to the weakened patients. Fruit and berries considered as exotic meal, and vegetables and groats as nutrition of poor men.

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The population well-to-do ate too much of meat and sweets, and poor men sat all year long on vegetables of type of turnip and cabbage, bread and 1-2 kinds of groats. Milk was only in villages, it was too expensive for city poor men. So in a healthy food of our ancestors it is hard to trust.

Water can’t be drunk during meal and right after it:

Drink of water or other liquids during meal theoretically should slow down digestion in a stomach at the expense of gastric juice diluting, but the recent observations spent at healthy people, haven’t confirmed it. It has appeared that all depends on initial character of gastric secretion (concentration of a hydrochloric acid in a stomach) and nutrition structure. If there is a secretory insufficiency liquids during meal are better not to drink, but for the healthy person it has no value.

Propagandists of a healthy food often refer to national traditions. However the majority of them recommending to drink not later than 20-30 minutes prior to meal or not earlier than in 1,5-2 hours after meal, forget that at the people of the different countries drink of liquids long since practises during meal. Differences consist only in used liquids: the water, the diluted or undiluted wine, the tea, the diluted low-fat sour-milk drinks and etc. For example, for France has its table wine, for the USA – cold water, for Japan – tea which drink also during a meal.

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