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HCG Diet: Safety Issues

When a woman is pregnant placenta produces HCG hormone that is considered to be as natural one. That fact that the naturally occurring hormone, however, does not necessarily mean that it is safe for using. After all, in the body tumors appear naturally as well – and anybody does not want to have such one in his body. So if you plan to use HCG to help with weight loss, one of the concerns should likely be whether the hormone is secure for using.

HCG and fertility treatments

Doctors use HCG to help women who experience hormonal or other fertility problems. As such, it has been found safe and effective to use for this aim.

HCG has not been approved to be used as an aid to weight loss unfortunately. As all alternative forms of treatment were looked through, it was not been found enough substantial evidence through research and it was indicated that HCG is effective as aid to weight loss. Bur statistics show that thousands of people who have taken HCG and have lost large amounts of weight in a short period of time successfully.

There are some potential side effects for women who are going to take HCG for fertility treatment. For example women who suffered from fertility problems used HCG announced that they had occasional headaches and the symptoms that are commonly associated with pregnancy. For patients who use HCG as aid to weight loss, these side effects are rarer because the number of used HCG is significantly lower than that used for fertility aims.

HCG diet plan

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The other potential source of concern when you are going to follow an HCG diet is the diet plan itself. To follow the plan of HCG at best, it is assumed to maintain a diet of 500 calories a day. Nevertheless to follow a diet with such small amount of calories is normally considered unhealthy; it is secure to do, while also taking injections of HCG. This is because the HCG helps preventing muscle loss. Diet also helps maintain a high level of energy while people suppressing appetite. Moreover, if it is not generally considered safe to have a diet with so few calories per day, doing so and taking an injection of HCG is considered to be secure and efficient as a strategy for weight loss.

If you intend to use HCG that will help you lose weight, it is significant to follow properly the diet protocol in order to not suffer from the above mentioned side effects. Doing this in such a way will bring you more success with weight loss program that is developed by a doctor and will keep you and your body healthy.

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