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HCG Diet: Safety Issues

When a woman is pregnant HCG hormone is naturally produced in the placenta. That fact that the hormone naturally appears, nevertheless, does not obviously mean it is secure for using. Moreover, tumours appear naturally in the body but nobody wants to own it in the body. So if you plan to use HCG that will help you with losing weight, one of the concerns is likely to be whether the hormone is secure to use.

HCG and treatments of fertility

HCG has long been experienced by experts to help women who are suffering from fertility problems or other problems concerned with hormones. In fact, it has been found secure and efficient to use for this aim.

Unfortunately, the HCG hormone is not still approved for using as a subsidiary element to lose weight. As with all alternative forms of treatment, there is no enough substantial evidence found through the research that indicates that HCG is efficient and can help in weight loss. On the other hand, hundreds of people who have experienced HCG successfully lost great amounts of weight in a short period of time.

Women, who use HCG for treatment of fertility, face some potential side effects. For instance women taking HCG hormone for treatment of fertility problems have announced that they experienced accidental headaches and symptoms that are always associated with pregnancy were developing. For people keeping to the HCG weight loss program, these side effects are even infrequent however because of the used amount of HCG that is much lower than that applied for fertility aims.

HCG diet plan

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The other potential source of anxiety when experiencing the HCG diet is the diet plan itself. To experience the plan of HCG at its best, it is assumed to eat 500 calories a day for maintaining a diet. Though keeping to a diet that contains a small amount of calories is normally considered unhealthy, it is secure to do, while taking HCG injections. This is because of the HCG that helps muscle loss prevention. Diet also helps maintain a high level of energy while the appetite suppresses. Thus, while in general it is not considered safe to take a diet low in calories, doing so and receiving the HCG injections is secure enough and has effectiveness for those who really want lose weight.

It is significant to follow the diet protocol properly if you intend to use HCG to help lose weight. Thus, you will have more success with the program of weight loss which promises to keep you safe and preserve your body health. But before any choice will be made, have a consultation with the doctor who has enough knowledge in this sphere and will provide useful pieces of advice for you.

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