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HCG Diet Kits Explained In Simple Terms

Crash diet, rapid weight loss plans and schemes have come and gone over the years by the dozen, and they have always had a few flaws. For one thing quick diets trigger your bodies starvation response, and cause it to pack the fat right back on after the quick diet is through. Also crash diets often lead to loss of lean muscle.

So now there’s this new HGC diet system that alleges to change all that. So is it just one more diet fad? Also what is HGC and is it something that you really want to put into your body? The simple answer to that last question, is that this is a natural substance that pregnant women produce to protect their unborn fetus, so it has to be safe.

HGC was first discovered by a doctor working in India decades ago. He noticed that pregnant women who themselves were on the brink of death from extreme starvation, none the less were giving birth to perfectly healthy babies and he wanted to know how this was happening. What he discovered, was that a chemical they produced was protecting the growing fetus.

He further discover that the reason that the infants were healthy was that HGC caused virtually all fat cells that the women had in reserve to be stripped away. He also found that it functioned to protect muscle tissue and deaden their hunger for some reason. His next step was to isolate this substance and see if it would work the same way on normal humans of both sexes, and his tests were a success.

So because it eliminates your hunger as it functions to guard muscle mass, HGC diet recipes total up to only five-hundred calories per day, and that’s it. Now if you do the math, its not hard to see that with your body burning some 3,500 calories each day, its not uncommon for people to lose a pound, and even up to a pound and a half of fat a day.

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HGC diet kits include all you need to get started, and they usually contain a one months supply of everything required for daily injections. Now it costs upwards of $10 per day for the program but when you consider that you can shed some 40 pounds in that month and you don’t have to buy any special meals, the cost is actually quite reasonable.

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