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For any woman who aspires to have the harmonious and tightened figure, key rules of a dietary food should be observed strictly within all calendar year. However at diet planning during various seasons of year it is necessary to consider some features, describing influence on an organism of changed conditions of environment. Therefore the set of dishes in our menu in summer days at correct organization of food intake will differ a little from that set during severe January frosts. So, what are features of a dietary food during summer and wintertime?
In summertime (especially at high temperatures) our organism extremely requires the increased quantity of a cool liquid. Remind, how you feel, being in office during working hours, say, in June or July in a bright sunny day. During such moments the person loses a water significant amount at strong perspiration. It is proved by scientists that loss of 20 % of water at an organism can already lead to a fatal outcome. Therefore in summertime a dietary food should include necessarily a considerable quantity of soft drinks – is better mineral water or natural juice. However at a choice of juice it is necessary to pay attention to the sugar contents as surplus of it of carbohydrates will bring “superfluous” calories in an organism, and it in turn will promote formation of fatty adjournment and occurrence of redundant weight of a body. For the same reason during the summer period it is desirable to limit the use of sweets and fat dishes (fats twice more caloric than sugar).
A variety of fruit and vegetables included in the menu (as in the end of summer these products can be purchased practically in all markets and is much cheaper, than during winter time) should become one more feature of a dietary food in summertime. The vegetative food will saturate our organism with all necessary mineral substances (we loose them much at perspiration in hot days), will satisfy feeling of hunger, but simultaneously will ensure receipt not so a considerable quantity of calories (that will promote preventive maintenance of occurrence of redundant weight of a body). Besides, fruits and vegetables have one feature, very important for a dietary food – they contain practically all vitamins necessary for a human body. Therefore the use of dishes from phytogenesis products is one of indispensable attributes of conducting a healthy way of life and the rational organization of a dietary food in particular.
In wintertime the air temperature considerably goes down, and outside, despite warm clothes and footwear, our organism loses much more heat, than in summertime. Therefore some increase in the general caloric content of a diet (certainly if you do not spend all winter season in any exotic corner of our planet where is observed the air heat all year long) should become features of the organization of a dietary food during wintertime. It is not necessary to deny categorically the use even a quantity of fat products, as they will bring a quantity of the demanded calories necessary for completion of increased losses of heat in our organism. However all the same such products with the high contents of fat are desirable for using in first half of a day that there was no risk to get fat.

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