Weight Loss

Harmful Consequences From The Diets

In a pursuit of an ideal figure and of aspiration to have an ideal 90х60х90 many modern women are ready to do anything. They are ready to sustain any diet, to eat pink and green tablets, to exhaust themselves with physical trainings and simply to starve. Each of these ways of growing thin has essential lacks. Today I want to talk more in detail about harm from long sitting on various classical and very fashionable diets.

Each of you knows that the desirable effect is not always reached. Frequently, result just returns. The feeling sick, the pale face and superfluous kgs come back in a month or even they are increasing. Almost all diets are harmful. It is important to choose the checked up and balanced power supply system to help the organism to lose superfluous kgs and do not do much harm to an organism as a whole.

Refusal of products for the short or long period of time is harmful. You constantly struggle with temptations, refuse to yourself favourite products, have a feeling of irritation, a dissatisfaction, mood is on zero. Well what is the advantage? Continuous harm! There are a lot of candies everywhere – at home, at work. Not each woman is capable to sustain such temptations and to finish a diet. If you break you will feel remorse, will abuse yourself for absence of power and character.

The most part of diets is based on a complete elimination from a diet of carbohydrates. At the expense of it the organism quickly loses weight but a food by exclusively albuminous food can lead to failure in a menstrual cycle, problems of conception of the child. To solve these problems happens much more difficult than to get rid from several superfluous kg.

Practically on the termination of any diet you will by all means type weight back and can add still superfluous five kgs. All the matter is that during a diet your organism is reconstructed that you feed with its certain quantity of calories, the metabolism is slowed down. But here the end to a hated diet has come, there are again pies on a table, salads and a potato with meat. During this moment your organism feels the present shock. Shock of that it has prepared for long hunger-strike and began to spend more slowly stocks, and here the food in a considerable quantity again arrives, the mad organism starts to postpone fat for a case of “hungry war”. For this reason the majority on the termination of a diet people type excess weight.

The person loses from diets not only superfluous fat but also muscular weight. After the termination of a poor diet the woman types weight fat instead of in muscular weight that leads to unpleasant appearance: the drooped skin, a cellulitis. Diets negatively affect work of our brain because carbohydrates and glucose which are necessary for normal work of all organism don’t arrive in an organism. Concentration of attention decreases, brain processes become dull, ability to think clearly is lost, there is a headache and drowsiness. Besides, many diets lead to organism dehydration. The skin grows old, becomes dry and lifeless, the constant weariness is felt.
As a result of a diet we deprive the organism in weight of useful and nutritious microcells without which normal work of all organism is impossible. Before deciding to go on this or that diet it is important to pass inspection and to consult in the dietitian.

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